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The XIMEA NetCamHD offers a complete IP network camera solution with high quality h.264 and Motion JPEG compression, full camera configuration and control over network and streaming support for all major Web browsers and video software. Based on the successful Sony FCB-EH6300 core, XIMEA NetCamHD is capable of 20x optical zoom, focus and exposition configuration as well as multiple streaming and resolution profiles. The XIMEA NetCamHD is an industry leading IP camera perfectly suitable for security and surveillance applications.

NetCamHD with FCB-H11 core.

NetCamHD with FCB-EH6300 core.

Feature Summary

  • Superior image quality with H.264/MJPEG compression
  • Advanced network video streaming over RTP/UDP
  • Compatible with ONVIF standard
  • Multiple powering options, including the Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af)
  • Easy camera configuration through Web browser or API including:
    • Individual profile set up - image resolution, FPS, codec
    • Exposure
    • Focus
    • Zoom
  • Support for all major Web browser softwares (IE, Firefox, Chrome) and recorders software
  • Capable to add video Overlay to defined name and/or date/time

Quick Start Guide

Hardware Description