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Hardware Description

XIMEA NetCamHD is a powerful IP surveillance camera based on the successful Sony FCB-H11 core. It consists of two modules that are stacked up on the Sony FCB-H11 core or other from FCB-EH series cores (EH6300, EH3400,EH3300)- Power module and Codec Module.


Power module implements the high efficiency power supply that provides power to both the Sony module core and the Codec Module. The implementation of Power module allows multiple powering options.

NetCamHD can be powered:
  • Using Power over Ethernet (PoE) IEEE 802.3af which eliminates the need for a dedicated power cable and reduces the setup effort.
  • Directly with 10-12V external power. See Connection of Direct Power Supply
  • Isolated with 24-48V external power. See: Image in Mechanical Installation section

Note: PoE and Isolated power is generating additional heat by internal DC/DC changer. Use with proper heat dissipation or cooling.

Warning: Different power sources (e.g. PoE and Direct) can not be used simultaneously.


Codec module on Main-board implements the video streaming and powerful H.264 or Motion JPEG compression. It also controls the Sony core module configuration such as zoom, focus, image exposition and other parameter depending on used core moudle. It also provides useful GPIO-s, Serial interfaces and LED indicators. Moreover, a Micro SD/SDHC card slot is available as an additional storage option.


  • Serial communication (connector DF20F-10DP1V)
    • two independent serial ports
    • RS232-1/RS485 (this can be switched by application)
    • RS232-2
    • Supported baud rates: 9600, 14400, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200
    • Respective crimp housing and contacts DF20A-10DS-1C and DF20F-2830SCFA
    • Pelco-D protocol is implemented on RS485-TX

  • GPIO (connector DF20F-10DP1V)
    • 3.3V logic level, non-isolated with ESD protection
    • Configurable as inputs or outputs
    • Possible synchronization with stream
    • Respective crimp housing and contacts DF20A-10DS-1C and DF20F-2830SCFA

  • Memory
    • microSD slot with SD/SDHC card support
    • microSD can be used for video recording and system recovery

  • Peripherals
    • Two configurable status LEDs
    • User configurable push button (by default set to system restart)
    • Bootstrap button option to perform system booting from SD card

Mechanical Installation

Minimal distance between Main Board surface and core chassis is 1.6mm
Special attention should be taken to heat dissipation. In room temperature, no heat sink is needed, however in housing ambient temperature can rise and the thermal dissipation may be insufficient. Fpga, Processor and DDR memory have to be thermally connected to housing in the sense of power dissipation.


Assembly Description

This configuration supports two SONY FCB cores: H11 and EH4300
H11 may be connected to NetCamHD via two connectors:
  • One on power board providing power and control to H11 (24 pos FFC)
  • Second for LVDs signal from H11 (SSL00-10L3-0500)
    Both must be connected for proper operation
EH4300 may be connected to NetCamHD via one connector:
  • USL20-30L provide power, control for EH4300 as well data from EH4300 for encoder.

NetCamHD boards may be mounted directly on SONY FCB core. However can be mounted separately.
Take care about power dissipation.

Assembly Dimensions

Dimensions may vary of 0.1mm

NetCamHD with FCB core


FCB-EH6400, FCB-EH3400, FCB-EH3300