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Q: What is maximum framerate at 640x480 with 1x1 binning (or no binning). Will there be any effect of cooling on max framerate?

A: Around 180 fps. To achieve max framerate, ROI must be at image center. There might be no cooling effect on such framerate.

Q: Is there a digital input that can be read with each frame and passed back in the frame header/metadata? If I am trying to capture system state information with each acquired frame.

A: All IO's are sampled at the beginning of image transfer. Meaning 2 in and 2 out.

Q: What is the pinout for the connectors.

A: Connector pinout depends on camera, delivery board level has two connectors for IO. In housing there is only one.

Q: Are Sony CCD sensors (2.8, 6.1, 9 and 12 MP) available in taped glass versions?

A: Unfortunately, Sony sensors are not available with taped glass. Customers can try to remove it on their own risk.

Q: What will be the longest exposure time (cooled / uncooled).


Q: Is there a difference in the frame rate between 12 and 14 bit image acquisition / different packed modes?


Q: Where can I find a table with the frame rates for all implemented modes for all sensors (4-tap readout)?


Q: Is binning mode 3x3 available (sensor and camera)?

A: Yes, this binning mode is supported and implemented.

Q: Is there a ROI restrictions as on the CMOSIS sensor cameras? (i.e., the sensor will only allow ROIs in vertical direction) Will the speed increase be proportional to the number of lines or the area?

A: With CCD sensors, in general, the horizontal ROI will not increase the speed only bandwidth. Vertical ROI will improve speed, but it has also restrictions for the Region of interest, which has to be close to the middle of the frame.

Q: Where can I find CAD file or Mechanical drawing of the camera ?
Can you provide 3D model of the camera ?

A: Please find the Mechanical drawing HERE
3D Model of the camera can be downloaded HERE