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xiQ - Input/Output Pinning and Cable

Input / Output Receptacle Location

IO interface receptacle is located on back side of the camera:

IO Receptacle Pinning

Pinning of the IO receptacle:

Pin number Signal
1 Digital Input (VDI)
2 Common (IO Ground)
3 Digital Output (VDO)
SHELL Common (IO Ground)

IO Receptacle Part Number

HIROSE SR38-4R-3S(71)

IO Cable

Item Description
1 HRS SR38-4P-3P(71)- Hirose SR38 Series Male Connector
2 Process Ends
3 A12-1709 [OD=3.30mm] <BLK> (10/0.120x3C) + 32/0.120 27AWG 3Core Line Cord
4 Cable Label

Cable wiring:

Pin number IO Signal Wire Colour (old) Wire Colour
1 Digital Input (VDI) Red Red
2 GND (Common IO Ground) Green Black
3 Digital Output (VDO) Blue White
SHELL Cable shield Black Black (thicker)