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USB3 Hardware Compatibility

In order to achieve a stable connection of XIMEA USB3 Vision cameras like xiC or xiQ, it is important to use compatible hardware components.
The list below is updated based on current requirements and represents our best knowledge of compatible and incompatible components.


The following table lists the maximum suggested number of color cameras connected to one PC equipped with a selected CPU to get the maximum camera frame-rate.
Note1: To achieve the maximum frame-rate - each camera should be connected to a separate USB3 controller.
Note2: Tested on Windows 7 - x64. Each camera used a dedicated application to receive images.

AMD - A8-3850 2
Intel i5-2500 4


Vendor P/N Details
Gigabyte GA-H61N-USB3 Socket 1155, Intel H61, DDR3, Onboard USB3.0, GbEth, Mini-ITX
Gigabyte GA-X79-UD7 LGA2011, Intel X79, DDR3, Onboard USB3.0, GbEth, XL-ATX
Gigabyte GA-Z77M-D3H Socket 1155, Intel Z77, 4xDDR3, Onboard 3xUSB 3.0, GbEth, mATX

PCI Express (PCIe) bus speed requirement

USB 3.0 host adapter must be connected to PCI Express which must be at least V2.0.

USB 3.0 host adapters chipsets

Below is a list of devices that use chipsets like Intel 7 series (Ivy Bridge), Intel 8 series (Haswell), Intel 9 series (Broadwell), as well as host adapters and other options.

Adapter details Driver version W7 Linux Ctrl MB/s Data MB/s
Fresco Logic FL1100 OK OK 3.9 395
Renesas D720202 OK OK 0.5 365
Intel QM77 Latest OK OK 0.5 450
Intel Z77 Latest OK OK 0.5 450
Intel Z87 Latest OK - - -
Intel Z97 Latest OK - - -

Incompatible USB3 host controllers:

Adapter details All operating systems
ASMedia AS1042 Not Compatible
Etron EJ168A Not Compatible
Via Labs VL800-Q8 Not Compatible

Legend: OK Test passed, NO Test failed, - Not tested yet, TBD To be defined (=not defined yet)

USB 3 Host Adapters

Note: If you want to check the driver used by xHCI card, you can utilize the XIMEA control panel xiCOP or simply use Windows Device Manager. Click the Properties option on the adapter and then select the Driver tab, Driver Details.

Tested passive cables

Vendor Part number Length Screw locking
XIMEA CBL-U3-3M0 3m MicroB only
XIMEA CBL-U3-5M0 5m MicroB only

Cables that were tested with USB3 Vision line - xiQ

Please refer to the following articles where XIMEA announces interoperability with:


How to achieve full frame rate

General Rules when using Cables

  • Avoid bending cable at a small radius.
    • Minimum bend radius for each cable should be above 6cm
    • If the cable needs to be bent repetitively - it should be placed into Cable Carrier and a special type of cable, that allows repetitive bending, should be used.
  • Avoid damaging the camera connector by excessive movement of the cable.
    • When the camera is mounted on a moving part (e.g. robotic arm) the cable connected to the camera should be fixed to the same part that the camera is attached to.
    • If the cable is vibrating – it's fixing point should be as close as possible to the spot connecting it to the camera, in order to avoid the transfer of any vibration from cable to connector.