xiQ Specification of digital Inputs / Outputs

General specification related to camera

Parameter Value Note
Pollution degree Degree 1 No pollution or only dry, non-conductive pollution occurs. The pollution has no influence.
Limited power circuit Yes, <30VDC Inherently limited power sources, IEC 61131-2, Section 11.3, Table 45
Overvoltage category Category II Vpeak=500V
Material group all Material group is not specified
Micro-environment yes Voltages are known and controlled
Protective coating on PWB no

Digital Input Specification

Digital input complies with standard IEC 61131-2
(Programmable controllers - Part 2: Equipment requirements and tests)

Parameter Value Note
Compliance According IEC IEC 61131-2
Input levels according IEC 61131-2 Type 1 Device for sensing signals from mechanical contact switching devices, such as relay contacts, push-buttons, switches, etc. Converts an essentially two-state signal to a single-bit binary number
Indication No No visual indicator
Rated input voltage 24V DC
Common pole yes, common pole with digital output
Effect of incorrect input terminal connection Reverse voltage polarity protected
Isolation yes, optical
Isolation potential 50V DC between channel and other circuits (including ground)
Effects when withdrawing/inserting input module under power no damage, no lost data
Maximal recommended cable length 10m
Number of inputs 1

Digital Output Specification

Digital output does not comply with standard IEC 61131-2, Table 9
(lower output current rating as required by standard)

Parameter Value Note
Compliance according IEC IEC 61131-2 no
Maximal open circuit voltage 24V DC
Isolation yes, optical
Output port type Open collector NPN
Protection short-circuit / over-current
Protection circuit PTC Resettable Fuse
Maximal sink current 25mA
Trip current 50mA Self-restarting when failure mode current disconnected
Inductive loads no
Common pole yes, common pole with digital input
Indication No No visual indicator
Number of outputs 1