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3DExpress developed by AQSENSE S.L is a 3D preprocessing software for machine vision applications including graphical assistance for the configuration and debugging of 3D acquisition systems.

As 3D machine vision grows and becomes more important for the industry its complexity and difficulty raises as well.
In fact, one of the main barriers entering 3D processing has typically been its difficulty to be understood, calibrated and configured.

3DExpress bypasses all these difficulties by providing an easy graphic step-by-step system which, positioned in between the sensor and the processing software, eases the operation of acquiring the data coming from any source (2D camera, 3D camera...), obtaining its 3D representation, manipulating the cloud-of-points and exporting the result so that it can be further processed by standard 2D tools, both graphical interfaces or library based.

Based on the power and reliability of SAL3D library, 3DExpress performs without the need of any programming knowledge some of the most useful 3D tasks such as: detect a laser stripe, calibrate the system to avoid perspective distortion, generate a cloud-of-points (COP) with real metric units, fit a plane on the desired ROI, rotate the COP to meet the desired view or generate a 2D representation containing 3D data (Zmap).

In addition, 3DExpress has several tools to debug the application like 3D measures over the Zmap with a single click, checking the acquisition queues or visualization of the inputs and outputs.


More information and introduction video can be found on the 3DExpress page.