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Vision Libraries

All XIMEA cameras are compatible with the most advanced Vision and Image Processing Libraries.
If you have a Library and want it integrated with XIMEA cameras, please contact us at:

Here is the list of libraries and frameworks currently supported in Windows:

3DExpress A&B Software's ActiveGeni
Adaptive Vision Studio Aforge.NET framework
Cognex VisionPro Digital Optics VPP
EVT EyeVision Fastvideo
ImageWarp Integrating Vision Toolkit
Intopii Pinta Keyetech
libdmtx Matrox MIL
MathWorks Matlab Micro-Manager
MVTec HALCON National Instruments LabVIEW
NeuroCheck Neurotechnology SentiSight
StreamPix OpenCV
RoboRealm STEMMER IMAGING Common Vision Blox
SANXO Modular-X Sightcorp
Tordivel Scorpion VisionLab

There are also general APIs for integrating into any application.

List of existing APIs is here .

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