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AQSENSE SAL3D provides tools and technology solutions for in-line and off-line 3D measuring and inspection procedures.
3D machine vision applications targeting complex surfaces where accuracy and repeatability are critical, environments where non-contact is mandatory (sand cores, cushioned objects, food processing ...) and high processing speed is required.



The current version of SAL3D for evaluation supports 32 bit operating systems Windows XP and Vista.
The complete version supports: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, both 32 and 64-bits versions.


AQSENSE SAL3D Demo demonstrates the use of the SAL3D Peak Detector Tool to acquire surface profiles that are processed into range maps and displayed in real-time.
You can use Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 to open project file sal3d_demo.vcproj.
Modify it and compile it again.
The demo application enables the user to:
  • preview live image from the camera
  • control camera resolution, binning, exposure and gain
  • set Peak Detector Tool threshold
  • set number of captured profiles to be used during range map creation

SAL3D frame grabber interface

XIMEA cameras are supported by the framegrabber interface provided by AQSENSE SAL3D.
The user can set basic camera parameters and run image acquisition without writing a single line of code.
This interface (ximea.fgd) is available as part of the SAL3D API installation package.
Currently supported parameters are:

  • "d" downsampling : set binning/skiping mode
  • "e" exposure time : set exposure time in milliseconds
  • "g" gain : set camera gain in dB
  • "t" trigger : set live video(0) or ext. trigger(1) mode
  • "w" width : set image width
  • "h" height : set image height
  • "x" offset X : set horizontal offset in ROI
  • "y" offset Y : set vertical offset in ROI
  • "r" do image transpose : set 1 to transpose image




Examples, description of functions and classes can be found in the on-line documentation.
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