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The ready-to-use image processing software EyeVision by EVT allows the customer to create image processing solutions with just a few mouse clicks due to the drag-and-drop function.
Therefore it is very easy to create difficult and complex measurement and inspection applications.

The software is portable and the adaptation to the products of XIMEA was simple.
Hence all XIMEA cameras are available for solutions with the EyeVision software package.

The EyeVision software runs on operating systems WXP, Vista and W7, as well as Linux and VCOS.
This flexibility allows the user to select the hardware optimized for the respective application.

The numerous functions cover not only 2D and 3D measurement techniques pixel-by-pixel accuracy, contour correlation, and reading functions for OCR, OCV, DMC, QR and bar code, but also filter functions and morphology operations.
The easiest way to get an overview of the efficiency of the software is to download and install the software from our web server.
This trial version offers all the functions of the software.


Described also here:

  • Access the EVT Downloads page
  • Register and Log in - then you can access the download area
  • Download PDF "FirstStepsXimea.pdf", which is next to the download link
  • Follow the instructions described in this PDF which describes how to install the software and create your first inspection program

First Steps

*Watch the video EyeVision how to create a Program
*See other videos on EyeVisionTechnology channel

With the installation of the software comes also the EyeVision manual in German and English.
As well as additional tools to test the communication and display screen.

Tool Sets

With the trial version you can use the complete standard command set and in the command administration, you can activate all other command sets.
Also for different industry branches, EVT has created special tools, which make it easier for the user to develop inspection programs, such as the Solar command set.
With the SolarEye command set, the user simply marks a solar cell and then disrupting contours are removed, the position and rotation are determined, contours and chippings are inspected, and many more.
EVT has special commands also for the Hyperspectral, semiconductor-, pharma-, packaging-, screw- and food industry.
These tool sets are macro collections and therefore it is easier for the user in those industries to create an image processing solution.

One example is the caliper command, which is a ready-to-use measurement tool that is available besides the measurement technique command.

Development environment

Caliper (macro example)