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Fastvideo is a world leader in the field of GPU image and video processing with technologies showing unmatched performance in image preprocessing, demosaicing, denoising, color correction, tone mapping, resizing, sharpening, encoding and visualizing for still images and for video streams in high speed imaging and machine vision applications.

Fastvideo has pioneered the first fully parallel JPEG Codec on GPU which is still the fastest solution on the market with absolutely incredible performance in the range of 30-40 GB/s on the latest NVIDIA GPUs with Pascal architecture.

Recently Fastvideo has released new version of JPEG Codec on CUDA which is able to work with 12-bit data almost with the same performance.
The latest achievement of Fastvideo is the fastest JPEG2000 codec on GPU.

Now Fastvideo is offering high performance SDK for image and video processing on NVIDIA GPUs (mobile, laptop, desktop, server) for Windows and Linux.
This SDK is intended for standard image and video processing pipeline for camera applications, covering all image processing stages starting from raw image acquisition to Motion JPEG (MJPEG) or JPEG2000 compression with storage to RAM or SSD/HDD.
All stages of image processing are done on GPU and this leads to excellent image quality and exceptionally high performance.

XIMEA support

Able to support 10x xiQ line of cameras (USB3 Vision) or xiD line (USB 3.0) on single GPU
Able to support 2x xiB line of cameras (PCI Express)on single GPU

Samples and demo downloads

Demo and freeware software for image processing applications can be DOWNLOADED HERE for evaluation purposes.
Image & Video Processing SDK from Fastvideo for Windows or Linux is available upon request.

Deep Learning
Industry 4.0

In order to test RAW images from machine vision cameras, it is necessary to convert RAW frames to DNG format for further processing with Fast CinemaDNG software.
To accomplish this task, Fastvideo company has released open source converter PGM to DNG which you can find at:


For more information, please visit the Fastvideo contacts page.