Libdmtx is open source software for reading and writing Data Matrix 2D barcodes on Linux, Unix, OS X, Windows, and mobile devices. At its core libdmtx is a shared library, allowing C/C++ programs to use its capabilities without restrictions or overhead.


  • Download XIMEA API Software Package
  • When choosing components, make sure - API is checked
  • This library is not maintained anymore. It is available only on request


Our application demonstrates the use of the libdmtx open source library.

The demo application enables the user to:
- preview live image from the camera
- control camera mode, exposure and gain
- select triggering mode (off, software or hardware trigger)
- preview live image with histogram evaluations
- read datamatrix barcodes and evaluate result
- set search timeout
- set expected datamatrix barcode size
- set edge treshold to ignore weak edges below threshold

Source code from this sample is included in the XIMEA API Software Package. After stardard installation it is installed at C:\XIMEA\VisionLibraries\libdmtdx\example. To compile - open dmtx_reader.vcproj with Microsoft Visual 2005.