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μManager is a software package for control of automated microscopes.
Together with the image processing application ImageJ it provides a comprehensive, freely available, imaging solution.
μManager has a simple and clean user interface, through which it lets you execute common microscope image acquisition strategies such as time-lapses, multi-channel imaging, z-stacks, and combinations thereof.
μManager works with microscopes from all major manufacturers.


Download and install the XIMEA API Software Package - the API and Drivers section must be selected during install.
Verify that the camera is running the latest firmware versions via the XIMEA Control Panel tool.
Download the latest stable 64-bit version of Micro-Manager from here.
Micro-Manager requires installation of Java Virtual Machine.
For support of MD USB3 CCD cameras please download and install one of the 64-bit nightly builds dated after 08.09.2014 as these will be only supported in the upcoming version.

  1. Copy C:\XIMEA\API\xiAPI\xiapi64.dll from the installed XIMEA API Software Package to the μManager root folder
  2. Connect the camera to the computer
  3. Start μManager application
  4. Add the XIMEA camera to μManager following these steps:

  • After starting Micro-Manager, open the Devices menu, continue to Hardware Configuration Wizard
  • In the "Select the configuration file" step select Create new configuration option and click Next
  • In the "Add or remove devices" step in the list of Available devices unroll the XIMEACamera folder, select the connected camera and click Add...
  • In the popped up window define device name, which by default is its serial number and click OK
  • After returning to the "Add or remove devices" window click Next
  • In the "Select default devices and choose auto-shutter setting" step click Next
  • In the "Set delays for devices without synchronization capabilities" step click Next
  • In the "Define position labels for state devices" step click Next
  • In the "Save configuration and exit" step click Finish

You can now use the camera in Micro-Manager.


The XIMEA Camera has to be operating with the XIMEA API protocol. This mode can be set in xiCOP by clicking on the Switch Camera to XIMEA API button.


Refer to the μManager online documentation.

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