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Tordivel Scorpion


Scorpion Vision Software® from Tordivel AS is an independent and open software tool for industrial vision. The library approach of making machine vision solutions is old-fashioned. PC-based rapid application development tools like Scorpion Vision Software for 2D and 3D machine vision produce better and more reliable applications: five to 100 times faster from idea to working application than systems based on a standard library approach. Scorpion Vision Software gives the user the choice of a small form factor of an embedded PC, a SmartCam or the power of a multicore PC. The system is founded on top of a standard Windows XP/Vista/7 PC platform. It is cost effective benefitting from the processing power of the multicore CPU, the low cost and high quality firewire, USB and GigE cameras and the possibility of connecting multiple cameras to one PC. Scorpion Vision Software solves tasks within robot vision, label inspection, assembly verification, color identification and gauging. Scorpion Vision Software provides the most accurate and robust 3D Bin Picking based on stereo vision.
Our cameras support this vision library.


  • Download and install the Scorpion Vision Software
  • Demo license for 30 days can be acquired here for evaluation purposes
  • Place the XIMEA camera adapter m3api_scorpion.dll to the Runtime folder placed in Scorpion root folder
  • Download and install the XIMEA API Software Package, copy m3api.dll to the Runtime folder placed in Scorpion root folder
  • Run the Scorpion Vision software, access the camera trough the XIMEA profile icon
  • Use the SSD Control Tool to commit changes to the Solid State Drive

Camera property access

The following named properties can be dynamically accessed with the 'setProperty', 'getProperty' and 'getPropertyRange' commands. The commands can be accessed in Scorpion using the included python scripting tool. Every command has to be called on the the respective camera opject. For examlpe, setting the exposure on camera 0 is achieved by:

cam = GetCamera("0") # equals cam = GetCameras().getCamera(0)

Any change of the camera properties will automatically update the information visible in the camera property window.

  • width : Width of the Image provided by the device (in pixels).
  • height : Height of the Image provided by the device (in pixels).
  • offx : Horizontal offset from the origin to the area of interest (in pixels).
  • offy : Vertical offset from the origin to the area of interest (in pixels).
  • exposure : Sets exposure time in microseconds.
  • gain : Sets gain in dB
  • trigger_timeout : image acquisition timeout when HW trigger used
  • downsampling : Changes image resolution by binning or skipping.
  • gpi_sel : Select camera GPI port to be set. (1 - 4)
  • gpi_mode : Defines GPI functionality, available values are
    • OFF : 0
    • Trigger : 1
    • External event : 2
  • gpo_sel : Select camera GPI port to be set. (1 - 4)
  • gpo_mode : Defines GPO functionality, available values are
    • Open : 0
    • Closed : 1
    • Frame active : 2
    • Frame active inverted : 3
    • Exposure active : 4
    • Exposure active inverted : 5
  • led_sel : Selects LED to be set
  • led_mode : Defines LED functionality, available values are
    • Heart beat : 0
    • Trigger active : 1
    • Ext event active : 2
    • _acquisition runningv : 3
    • exposure active : 4
    • frame active : 5
    • link OK : 6
    • turn OFF : 7
    • turn ON : 8
  • lut_sel : select LUT to be used, avaliable values are
    • Ramp lut : 0
    • Inverse ramp lut : 1
    • Custom lut : 2
  • lut_en : enable/disable LUT usage by using values 1 or 0
  • lut_index : custom LUT index, select lut collumn to be updated (0-1023, 0-4095)
  • lut_value : update LUT value in column set by lut_index (0-255)


Visit the Scorpion Vision support page.
Cameras supported