PCIe adapters suggestions

If you want to acquire some host adapters by yourself, here are some suggestions.
Please keep in mind that XIMEA does not guarantee functionality - listed products are just for information:

IOI Host Adapter:
Cost efficient (as low as 35$) and functional adapters:
PCIe x4 Adapter (1 Camera) (http://www.ioi.com.tw/products/proddetail.aspx?CatID=106&DeviceID=3035&HostID=2046&ProdID=1060150 )
Dual x4 Adapter (2 Cameras) ( http://www.ioi.com.tw/products/proddetail.aspx?CatID=106&DeviceID=3036&HostID=2052&ProdID=1060134 )

OSS Host Adapters:
PCIe x4 Adapter (1 Camera) (http://www.onestopsystems.com/pcie_over_cable_z7.php )

Samtec Host Adapter:
If you want to use Samtec Fiber Optic cable (up to 300m long) it is highly recommended to use it in conjunction with Samtec host adapter card.
We have tried other combinations and they don’t work due to the specific spread spectrum feature and sideband signals.
( https://www.samtec.com/products/pciea )