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PCIe Gen2 Gen3 fast high speed cameras Vision Systems Design Awards 2017

XIMEA's PCI Express camera technology gets the ultimate Platinum level award by experts 



XIMEA Awarded the highest Platinum level in Vision Systems Design 2017 Innovators Awards Program


MUNSTER, GERMANY, May 20, 2017 – XIMEA GmbH, the camera innovator of small size and high speed cameras, announced today that its xiB-64 camera line was recognized by the judges of the annual Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards program. The judging panel consisted of esteemed experts from system integrator and end-user companies.

XIMEA was honored with a Platinum-level award for Fast speed camera based on PCI Express interface


Besides the extremely high bandwidth of up to 64 Gbit/s, PCIe interface also allows to aggregate different interfaces and camera models. What that means in terms of new options - you can easily combine many cameras into a customizable hub from which the compiled data will be transferred using just one cable. Image sensors available in the first camera family include the ams CMOSIS CMV12000, CMV20000, CMV50000, providing resolutions of 12 MPixel, 20 MPixel or 50 MPixel, reaching speeds of up to 330 fps. The second camera family features global shutter CMOS image sensors with 13.7 µm pixel sizes that can reach up to 3500 fps at the full resolution of 1280 x 864.

“We were positively surprised by the overwhelming feedback received after the announcement of PCIe product line,” says Klimkovic, CEO and head of product development and engineering at XIMEA. “The demand for fast frame rates and higher resolution is ever growing in the machine vision field.” 
Alan Bergstein, publisher of Vision Systems Design ( said "This prestigious program allows Vision Systems Design to celebrate and recognize the most innovative products and services in the vision and image processing industry. Our 2017 Honorees are an outstanding example of companies who are making an impact in the industry." 
The Innovators Awards are judged based on the following criteria:
Impact on Designers, Systems Integrators, End Users
Fulfilling a need in the market that hasn’t been addressed 
Leveraging a novel technology 
The 2017 Visions Systems Design Innovators Awards Honorees are featured in the June Issue of Vision Systems Design magazine as well as on

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About The Vision Systems Design 2017 Innovators Awards program

The Vision Systems Design 2017 Innovators Awards program reviewed and recognized the most innovative products and services in the vision and image processing industry. Honorees were announced at Automate 2017 held in Chicago, IL, USA. Criteria used in the Innovators Awards ranking included: originality, innovation; impact on designers, systems integrators and end-users; fulfilling a need in the market that hasn’t been addressed, leveraging a novel technology, and increasing productivity.


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