News Exhibitions AproLink exhibits XIMEA products during ISS 2013 in Japan

AproLink exhibits XIMEA cameras ISS 2013 in Japan

AproLink showroom with XIMEA products at ISS 2013 in Japan, Booth 83



The Image Sensing Show (ISS 2013) exhibition in Yokohama (Japan) is about to open their doors and XIMEA will be represented at the show by AproLink.

The latest, state of the art imaging products will be displayed at the Image Sensing Show 2013, with AproLink presenting the new models of xiQ, the smallest USB3 Vision camera, and the PC camera CURRERA-G.

Exhibition location: Pacifico Yokohama Hall
Please visit our Booth 83, from June 12th to June 14th, 2013.

Link regarding the show:


AproLink will present the new NIR versions of the xiQ series, the MQ013GR-E2.

These cameras offer quantum efficiencies of up to 100% higher than the regular monochrome cameras in the near-infrared region.

XIMEA also offers the 90 fps, 4 Mpixel MQ042RG-CM as a NIR enhanced version of the camera.

If you are interested in NIR enhanced cameras, please stop by for more information and a demonstration of the camera’s capabilities.

For further information about the  xiQ NIR models please visit our web site:


The CURRERA-G is XIMEA’s flagship smart camera. With a dual core CPU and 80-channel GPU, the camera offers a mind-blowing 80 GFlops in raw processing power. This stand-alone image acquisition and processing system also permits the use of up to 4 satellite cameras directly connected to the main body of the CURRERA-G. Come and see this truly leading-edge camera system.

More information about the CURRERA-G can be found here:

A free seminar is offered during the exhibition: "Features and comparison of each interface and fundamental knowledge of how to select a camera".

Online seminar reservation can be made here:

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About AproLink
AproLink is a Japanese company that specializes in machine vision and security surveillance systems. Was founded in 2006 to provide total solutions to corporate clients in these markets, as well as local sales and application support.


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