CURRERA-R : Machine Vision Smart Camera with PC inside


CURRERA-R: was discontinued

It was decided to support the produced units, but discontinue further development of the current model.

At the moment, as a replacement XIMEA suggests to use USB3 or USB 2.0 camera models in combination with industrial or commercial mini PC. Examples:


Imago VisionBox AGE-X TIGER+   - Embedded vision system with 4x USB3 cameras

Imago VisionBox AGE-X SERVAL+   - Multi camera setup with more than 12x USB3 cameras

Imago VisionBox AGE-X (tested: AGE-X10: 4 x USB3.0, Z77, the USB3.0 interfaces share 5 GBit / s bandwidth)


Pokini i / i2 (tested: 4 x MQ013xG-E2 at 60 fps)

Intel NUC

VIA EPIA-P910-10Q Pico-ITX


PRODUCT IS DISCONTINUED - check with  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  for options.


What is CURRERA?

CURRERA-R: ultra compact, PC based Vision System.

smart camera x86 CURRERA R XIMEA

In detail: it is a Machine Vision Camera with integrated standard, INTEL CPU based Personal Computer (PC) in single very compact IP67 class housing. Despite its small size, it is a complete Vision System just like the usual Camera bundled with separate PC or Compact Vision System. You can connect all PC standard peripheries: Display, Keyboard and mouse, external storage, or use it in standalone mode, or via Remote Desktop over the network.


  • Industry standard - Intel x86 PC inside supported by major operating systems
  • Compact - IP67 industrial smart camera
  • Compatibility - runs Windows and Linux, multiple Image Processing Libraries
  • Economical - excellent value and price, low TCO and fast ROI
  • Energy saving - low power consumption, supplied via PoE or external supply
  • Risk free - camera PC integration on both hardware and software levels is system wide optimized and maintained by our engineering and support team
  • Powerful - all CPU power remains free for Image Processing tasks, no image acquisition overhead
  • Fast - perfectly matched and tuned Image Acquisition data path running at 2.5Gbits internal PCIe bus with transparent DMA transfer
  • Connectivity - extensive range of interfaces: Gigabit Ethernet, USB, VGA, RS232, fast and isolated Digital Inputs and Outputs
  • Easy Support - single point of support for the camera, PC and Vision Library integration
  • Software interface - GenICam / GenTL and highly optimized xiAPI SDK
  • Simple deployment - all functionality of complete Vision System delivered in single OS image file deployable within minutes

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Machine Vision Applications and advantages of CURRERA-R

Inspection smart camera for a variety of industrial applications in production, factory automation and visual quality control.
Combines high speed camera with the processing power of embedded PC in single compact IP67 class protected enclosure.
The process of visual inspection is fully automated thanks to power Intel Atom processor and support for a vast number of image processing libraries.
CURRERA-R is versatile IP67 industrial x86 smart camera which replaces regular camera coupled with industrial PC or Compact Vision System.


  • Electronics: fiducial marks recognition, assembly verification, component placement, detection of position, orientation, presence or absence of parts, inspection of solder paste, post reflow, solder joints etc. 
  • Packaging: 3D profile measurement, bar code reading, Optical character recognition (OCR), inspection of glass and plastic bottles, filling level, cup presence and status, box folding and content, bag seal etc.
  • Food Industry: inspection of fluid level, 3D profile and volume, plastic weld, weld cleanness, package completeness and content, lid position detection and many others.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry - labels inspection, OCR, Bar code reading, completeness and color inspection
  • Printing Industry - automatic registration, quality control, density measurement
  • General Machine Vision - Presence, Completeness, Orientation, Location, Position
  • Non-contact measurements and alignment in 2D and 3D
  • Automated machine visual inspection and quality control systems
  • Robot guidance and positioning in 3D, object and pattern detection, object type, position and orientation recognition

Security Applications of CURRERA-R

  • Unattended surveillance
  • Autonomous Security and surveillance systems
  • Iris recognition
  • Security Video analytics, motion detection, presence detection, human detection and tracking
  • Salient events detection
  • Face recognition and face tracking, Eye/gaze tracking

Traffic Applications of CURRERA-R

  • Offense detection
  • Red light violation detection
  • Speeding offense documentation
  • Speeding detection for second evidence proof
  • License plate recognition (LPR), Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR)
  • Traffic flow detection

Other fields of applications of CURRERA-R

  • General Biometrics
  • Logistics
  • Ophthalmology, Medical devices
  • Mining - Coal, Diamonds



CURRERA-R Black and White and Color Sensors models:

All models HERE

Model:Resolution:Size:Frame rate(1):Sensor:Shutter:BW/Color:CPU:RAM:SSD Storage:
RL04752x4801/3"60fpsMT9V034C12STMGlobalB/WZ530 1.6GHz1024MB3.6GB
RL04C752x4801/3"60fpsMT9V034C12STCGlobalColorZ530 1.6GHz1024MB3.6GB
RL131280x10241/1.8"60fpsEV76C560ABTGlobalB/WZ530 1.6GHz1024MB3.6GB
RL13C1280x10241/1.8"60fpsEV76C560ACTGlobalColorZ530 1.6GHz1024MB3.6GB
RL502592x19441/2.5"15fpsMT9P031I12STMRollingB/WZ530 1.6GHz1024MB3.6GB
RL50C2592x19441/2.5"15fpsMT9P031I12STCRollingColorZ530 1.6GHz1024MB3.6GB

(1) Maximum frame rates measured at 8 bits per pixel raw in free run mode (without processing)



  • Processor / CPU - INTEL Atom x86 Z530 1.6GHz
  • System memory - 533MHz DDR2 1GB
  • Storage - SSD Solid State Disk 3.6GB, Micro SD Card Slot
  • Image Sensors - from WVGA to 5Mpix, Global Shutter (GS) and Global Reset Release (GRR)
  • Cables - ready for use in several lengths: VGA, Gigabit Ethernet, System
  • Breakout boxes - providing expansion and convenient connectivity for USB, RS232, Digital Isolated Inputs and Outputs, LED Illuminator current source



Breakout boxes:

  • BOB144 - Simple breakout PCB providing access to the Digital Inputs and Outputs, USB and Serial port
  • BOB-DIN-BASE - DIN Rail mounted base breakout box providing access to the Digital Inputs and Outputs, USB and Serial port
  • BOB-DIN-EXT - DIN Rail mounted extension box with integrated high speed PLC and Programmable Illuminator driver up to 1000mA output current

Lens Protection Tubes:

  • IP67 Lens tube providing complete protection for the camera and lens, for the lens up to 50mm diameter and 63mm length.


  • Cables - Ethernet, VGA, System


  • Heat Sinks, Connector Caps



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PDF Brochures and documentation.

atom smart camera CURRERA R XIMEA brochureSystem Brochure

currera r smart camera ximea accessoriesAccessories

industrial smart camera CURRERA-R_Hardware guideHardware Guide

currera r smart camera ximea quick start guideQuick Start Guide




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