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XIMEA cameras at Vision Show Stuttgart 2014 exhibition

Many new products and ideas presented by XIMEA at VISION show 2014 in Stuttgart


XIMEA team would like to sincerely thank all visitors that stopped by our booth. Congratulations to all the happy Quadcopter winners!


VISION 2014 was first time held adhering to the two year interval, which allowed XIMEA to put forward a set of new products, but also some exciting new ideas.

One of such ideas encompasses a whole set of novelty solutions and technologies. It is called xiLab and we invite you to read more about this CONCEPT.


Among the products with the unconventional approach, you can find for example the world's smallest Hyperspectral cameras (xiSpec) or USB 3.0 cameras with CCD sensors from Sony and TEC Peltier able to cool the sensor to 30 °C below ambient. 

Hyperspectral sensors IMEC camera USB3 smallest Cooled scientific cameras Sony grade USB3 3D camera method technology USB3 realtime CUDA compression JPEG GPU processing cameras

Hyperspectral presentation from Vision


Discussions with existing and potential customers revealed that the level of knowledge and extent of readiness to utilize the Machine Vision is growing very fast allowing to receive ever more valuable feedback and insightful information about the needs of the newest applications and pains of existing solutions.

This helps a lot with choosing the next technologies, which XIMEA strives to implement in the cameras or other possible products.

A good example being PCI Express interface in our xiB line, which is unique in the world of Vision also in terms of its performance, providing hard to overlook advantages of 20 Gbit/s speed without framegrabbers.

Similarly exciting is XIMEA's brand new xiT line which features world's first functioning Thunderbolt™ technology enabled industrial cameras with Sony IMX174 and ams CMOSIS CMV20000.


If you missed VISION 2014 show, our new Brochures are available for download:

USB3 vision cameras USB 3.0 camera CMOS


USB 3.0 Sony ICX674 ICX694 ICX814 ICX834 cameras


CMOSIS CMV12000 CMV20000 PCI Express camera


brochure thunderbolt shadow 585x817.jpg



USB camera mini GenTL GenICam 5 Mpix


Scientific grade cameras Firewire CCD


OEM board level cameras customized vision


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