News Exhibitions XIMEA again at VISION show 2014 in Stuttgart

XIMEA cameras at VISION show 2014 Stuttgart

Welcome to XIMEA experience at VISION 2014, Booth C51, Stuttgart November 4 to 6


After two long years, XIMEA team is again glad to cordially invite you to visit our booth C51 in Hall1 at VISION 2014 which will take place November 4th to November 6th in Stuttgart.

Keeping our promise we bring a whole bag of new innovations and this year are especially proud to present the remarkable technologies and products.

This will include the additions to our standard camera families

As well as totally new ideas, information on which you will be able to find on this page - UPDATED up until the Vision show final day.


xiLab concept

XIMEA is continuously working on various technologies and projects. With the Vison show now taking place every 2 years, there will always be some work in progress which can never be perfectly synced with this cycle. 

Therefore it was decided to offer a preview of things that you can expect to come from XIMEA, by putting on display range of specially selected items from our R&D pipeline - if they have already reached a tangible stage.  These items are collectively referred to as xiLab.


By definition, anything displayed with the reference to “xiLab” or which can be found in our xiLab space at the booth, is therefore in prototype status or work in progress that is functional, but where XIMEA does not commit on release timelines or final appearance.

We are keen to learn the market's response to technologies and items displayed under this label. Such information would be very valuable to fine tune our products/projects according to the wishes of potential partners.


Hyperspectral field


3 sensors with different Wavelengths and amount of bands

Vast range of new possible applications

Smallest size Hyperspectral camera

Stay tuned for Flyer and details

Hyperspectral sensors IMEC camera USB3 smallest

CUDA compression JPEG GPU processing cameras

Compression technology


Debayer and JPEG compression from 10 USB3 cameras

Debayer and JPEG compression from 2 PCI Express cameras

Performance more than 1 Gpix/s on GeForce GTX Titan GPU

Stay tuned for Flyer and details

3D method


Unique 3D technology with specific features

Speed of time of flight

Extraordinary scanning range

Stay tuned for Flyer and details

3D camera method technology USB3 realtime

Cooled scientific cameras Sony grade USB3

Cooled advantage


Fastest multi-tap readout

TEC Peltier cooled housing

Newest Sony sensors providing crystal 14 bits images

Stay tuned for Flyer and details

Last surprise - Thunderbolt™


The only camera in the world which is capable of delivering full sensor resolution of 2.3Mpix at 12bit/pix 128fps, or 10bit/pix @165fps

Sony IMX174 sensor

ams CMOSIS CMV20000 sensor

Stay tuned for Flyer and details

Thunderbolt camera ICX174 CMV20000 Sony CMOSIS


win UAV XIMEA VISION 2014 cameras


Do not miss your chance to win Quadcopter

XIMEA Lottery is growing bigger in popularity each year and we decided to increase interest even further by raising the stakes. Instead of iPad you now have a chance to win something even more substantial.
Try Your Luck in Our Lottery with XIMEA at booth C51.


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