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Camera models with 4th generation of Sony Pregius S sensors like IMX530, IMX531, IMX532



Muenster, Germany – XIMEA, the innovator of small size and high-speed cameras, has announced new full speed models with exceptional Sony CMOS Pregius™ S sensors.


This year's Laser Photonics exhibition is just one month away and we are excited to show you, some of our newest innovations at our booth.
The new models from the xiX camera series, equipped with Sony's Presgius S sensors streaming at their full speed capability will be one of the highlights presented.
The initial lineup starts with camera models based on IMX530IMX531IMX532 with other possible additions from the 4th Generation of the Sony Pregius family. 
Outstanding properties of the next evolution of Sony CMOS sensors include the small pixel size in combination with BSI - backside illumination technology.
Small pixels means that sensors with a high resolution of 24.5 Mpix can stay very compact contributing to closer proximity for multi camera setups.
The backside illumination compensates for the small pixel and even improves the standard parameters, offering low noise, high dynamic range and sensitivity.
The new technology outperforms the low-noise values of CCD sensors at the same time providing high-speed bandwidth with Global shutter.
The pixel size of 2.74 µm helps to use C-mount lenses thus improving the cost effectivity and enabling miniature size for mobile and multiple camera systems.
To leverage the tiny size of Sony sensors, XIMEA has integrated them into the smallest form factor where the camera head measures only 26 x 26 x 33 mm.
The camera head is wrapped into innovative housing where the sensor part can be detached while the camera body enhances the speed through 32 Gbit/s. 
Typically, the camera size depends and is limited by the surface of the largest integrated printed circuit board (PCB) and its components.
XIMEA has developed a solution how to split the camera into separate pieces, isolating the PCBs and connecting them via a flat flexible ribbon cable.
This approach is unique especially in the case of high speed cameras as it allows minimizing the sensor footprint distancing it from the main body by up to 3 meters.
The super-fast speed of 32 Gbit/s data throughput is able to ensure 16 Mpix at 150 Fps, 20 Mpix at 110 Fps and 24 Mpix at 105 Fps.
In addition to all mentioned, among the exciting new features is the Dual ADC of low and high gain modes, the fusion of which as a result produces HDR images.
The processing of Dual ADC is done on the sensor side, plus XIMEA added the off-sensor FPGA merging that results in the linear response curve. 
Besides other features, present is also the ultra-short interval between two shutters (interframe time), important for PIV applications - Particle image velocimetry.
As a bonus, the models can be implemented with exposure time monitoring and an improved on-sensor thermometer.


To summarize, the models joining the XIMEA portfolio have the following parameters:


16.1 Mpix, Sony IMX532, color and monochrome, 5328 x 3032, 16:9 ratio, 1.1"  with 158 Fps

20.3 Mpix, Sony IMX531, color and monochrome, 4504 x 4504, 1:1 ratio, 1.1"  with 109 Fps

24.5 Mpix, Sony IMX530, color and monochrome, 5320 x 4600, 4:3 ratio, 4/3"  with 105 Fps


High resolution, unbeatable form factor, attractive price, compatibility and customizability make these cameras stand out and worth checking out. 


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xiX line of cameras

The xiX cameras are designed for use in Embedded vision systems

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*Pregius is a trademark of Sony Corporation



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