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News Products news Micro camera with 5Mpix GenICam /GenTL and Synchronization

subminiature 5mpix camera usb gentl genicam

World smallest USB camera with GenICam/GenTL. Measures 15x15x9mm


Based on Aptina 5Mpix CMOS sensor (MT9P031) with rolling shutter (RS) and global reset release (GRR).

Available both in color and B/W versions. 

Board level is possible for OEM customers.

Size: 15 x 15 x 8.5 mm

Interface USB 2.0

Refresh rate in full resolution mode is 5.8 frames per second, and in 7x7 downsampling it is 200 frames per second. Exposure time from 20μs to 500sec.


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  USB camera mini GenTL GenICam 5 Mpix


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