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usb3 vision 500 fps high speed cameras ximea CMV300

USB3 Vision camera model with CMOSIS CMV300 sensor - VGA at 500 Fps


XIMEA Ships High-Speed USB 3.0 Camera


This week, XIMEA, a premier supplier of standard USB3 Vision cameras started shipping the world’s fastest USB 3.0 interface camera with speed of up to 500 fps at VGA resolution.

XIMEA’s USB3 xiQ family now ranges from VGA to 4Mpix resolution with corresponding speeds of 500 fps and 90 fps respectively and includes many models with extended NIR options, and immediately available from stocks in Germany and US.

The XIMEA xiQ camera family is based on the robust and field proven architecture of direct image data delivery to the computer’s memory, totally avoiding any latency of intermediate frame buffers. This architecture also ensures lowest power consumption and minimum heat dissipation.


The xiQ family of USB 3.1 cameras uses the most recent revisions of the modern CMOS sensors from CMOSIS, E2V, and onsemi.


XIMEA’s USB3 cameras are available in 2 versions: as anodized milled camera housing made of a space grade aluminum alloy having world’s most compact format of 26x26x19mm or as board level units with a globally unique design that uses a single planar board. For OEM and special vision applications, XIMEA offers customized versions of the xiQ camera family.


The highly optimized xiAPI software ensures compatibility with over 30 image processing libraries and packages, such as Cognex, ImagePro, NI LabVIEW, Matrox MIL, MVTec Halcon, and many more.
XIMEA is the only company supporting all 3 major software universes for their U3V camera family: Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX.


List prices for color and monochrome models of the xiQ family start at 313€. Cameras are now available for ordering from XIMEA GmbH in Germany, XIMEA Corp in the U.S., and through the network of XIMEA authorized distributors around the world.



MQ003 models were discontinued and replaced by faster models:






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