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Vision Libraries

XIMEA strives to create and maintain compatibility and interfaces for the most common and advanced vision image-processing libraries and applications.
Due to the nature of the task, it is not possible to maintain compatibility to all libraries for all XIMEA cameras in all operating systems indefinitely and continuously. For this reason and for the convenience of our customers, XIMEA has divided the libraries into following groups:

Libraries Maintained by XIMEA

All cameras listed in the section Products are supported with these libraries. XIMEA commits to update the API within twelve months after a new major release. XIMEA warranties backwards compatibility of these software packages for two major releases.

MVTec HALCON National Instruments LabVIEW
MathWorks Matlab OpenCV

Libraries Maintained by 3rd Parties

StreamPix Fastvideo

Libraries with Limited Support or not Maintained

3DExpress A&B Software's ActiveGeni
Adaptive Vision Studio Aforge.NET framework
Cognex VisionPro Digital Optics VPP
EVT EyeVision
ImageWarp Integrating Vision Toolkit
Intopii Pinta Keyetech
libdmtx Matrox MIL
Micro-Manager NeuroCheck
Neurotechnology SentiSight
VisionLab RoboRealm
STEMMER IMAGING Common Vision Blox SANXO Modular-X
Sightcorp Tordivel Scorpion

If you have a Library and want it integrated with XIMEA cameras, please contact us at:

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