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CamTool camera control application API SDK software
XIMEA CamTool software unifies camera lines, OS platforms, Libraries and extends feature set


Major news:

“XIMEA CamTool” (official name) is new a cross-platform application showcasing the features and quality of all XIMEA camera families.

It runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and ARM systems offering a substantial imaging tool set, which can be further extended with custom modules using a plugin infrastructure.





XIMEA constantly strives to innovate camera offer and continuously adds new camera interfaces and technologies to its portfolio.

To combine management ability and embrace support for whole range of camera families and systems, a new Viewer application was created – CAMTOOL.

CamTool is a product of XIMEA’s commitment to support OEM and users of cutting-edge technologies and give them the competitive advantage of implementation speed in todays' fast changing industry.

This instrument provides and ever-growing set of features that help to precisely control and fine tune camera parameters and output.

Some of the useful features that can help users with the application and programming are listed below and more are coming with the addition of new plugins.

Integrated camera lines include models from very different sectors like Hyperspectral cameras or PCI Express cameras with high speed of 20 Gbit/s.

Some of them require separate features for specific operations like Lens control or Cooling regulation.

It would appear that such software should be complex and knowledge heavy, but the contrary is true – many of the customers regarded the user friendliness of former XIMEA interface and CamTool remains faithful to traditional ability to grasp the essentials after a couple of hours instead of days.

To help with orientation a system of skill levels is built in to offer options based on different types of user expertise – Beginner, Expert, Guru.

Further interoperability is increased with the unprecedented selection of Operating systems that CamTool runs on – Windows, Linux, Mac OSX or even ARM.


Features at the moment:

Dynamic Camera Parameters: from XML description (e.g. lens control),

Video/Image Capture: to RAM or to Disk, compressed or uncompressed, H.264 recording, 

Statistics/Diagnostics: Histogram, Line Profile,

Processing Chain: Modular image processing pipeline, LUT, Averaging, Flip, (customizable with user plugins),

Image averaging, image flip/mirror, software trigger timer, save/load camera and program settings,

In Memory time lapse



Interfaces: USB 3.0, USB3 Vision, USB 2.0, Firewire, PCIe, Thunderbolt

Sensors: Mono, Color, NIR, X-RAY, Hyperspectral (HSI)

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, ARM

Skill levels: Beginner, Expert, Guru


Plugins concept:

The plugin infrastructure allows development of extensions to the XIMEA CamTool, using the C++ programming language and the Qt framework.

Various types of extension are possible, such as: custom image processing steps, UI additions and modifications as well as custom import and export formats.

At the moment a set of example plugins is available together with source code in order to demonstrate the functional range and simplify new integrations.

Feedback and ideas are welcome and can be sent to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Price: Free of charge with any XIMEA camera



HSI functionality would be explained in a separate article

Video about CamTool


Download link:


Misc: xiCOP software, CamTool page


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