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xiAPI DNG example


Digital Negative (DNG) is an open raw image format owned by Adobe used for digital photography.
All Adobe photo manipulation software (such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom) support the DNG image format.
The provided library can save RAW data from XIMEA cameras to the .DNG image file format to be used for further processing.
All XIMEA cameras are supported.


Download and install appropriate XIMEA Software Package
DNG support and example are installed with software package by default.

Sample application

xiSampleDng is located in:
  • Windows - \XIMEA\DNG Store\bin as built application
    \XIMEA\DNG Store\xiSampleDng as source code and Visual Studio project
  • Linux - in /package/examples/xiSampleDng directory as a Makefile project
  • macOS - in examples/xiSampleDng directory as a Makefile project

The sample application will capture an image and process it into monochrome or color DNG, depending on whether the camera can provide color data.
The output image will be saved as test.dng in the demo application project folder.

You can also download Fast CinemaDNG Processor demo application for Windows or Linux from the following

This is a fast player for your DNG sequences with powerful editing capabilities.
The software is working with NVIDIA GPU (6xx series or better) and you will need to install the latest NVIDIA driver.

What you can do with Fast CinemaDNG Processor software:
  • This is fast DNG Player with image processing on NVIDIA GPU
  • Realtime debayering, denoising, resizing, sharpening, geometric transforms, etc.
  • Support for DCP and LCP profiles
  • Color grading with 3D LUTs (cube format)
  • Fast DNG export to TIFF/JPG or to MP4, etc.

More info you can get at

In order to test RAW images from machine vision cameras, it is necessary to convert RAW frames to DNG format for further processing with Fast CinemaDNG software.
To accomplish this task, Fastvideo company has released open source converter PGM to DNG which you can find at: