Run Updater for the specific camera firmware

Typical command structure:

./xicamupdate prog firmware_type_label firmware_file_name.bin additional_param

Based on your camera family, please follow one set of commands:

For xiB, xiT,*xiX* family:

./xicamupdate prog FPGA2 xxx_CBxxxxxx_type_F2_ver_x_xx.bin --xiapi

Additionally for MX377 cameras:

./xicamupdate prog CPU1 xxx_CBxxxxxx_type_C1_ver_x_xx.bin --xiapi

For xiQ family in XIMEA API mode:

./xicamupdate prog CPU1 xxx_MQxxxxxx_type_C1_ver_x_xx.bin
./xicamupdate prog FPGA1 xxx_MQxxxxxx_type_F1_ver_x_xx.bin

For xiQ family in USB3Vision mode:

./xicamupdate prog CPU1 xxx_MQxxxxxx_type_C1_ver_x_xx.bin
./xicamupdate prog FPGA2 xxx_MQxxxxxx_type_F2_ver_x_xx.bin
./xicamupdate prog XMLMAN xxx_MQxxxxxx_type_X1_ver_x_xx.bin

to switch camera between USB3Vision protocol and XIMEA MQ protocol FLAG_U3V must be set to 1 resp. 0.

./xicamupdate prog FLAG_U3V 1

For xiD family:

./xicamupdate prog CPU1 xxx_MDxxxxxx_type_C1_ver_x_xx.bin
./xicamupdate prog CPU2 xxx_MDxxxxxx_type_C2_ver_x_xx.bin
./xicamupdate prog FPGA1 xxx_MDxxxxxx_type_F1_ver_x_xx.bin

For xiC family:

./xicamupdate prog CPU1 xxx_MCxxxxxx_type_C1_ver_x_xx.bin --ucam_type1
./xicamupdate prog CPU5 xxx_MCxxxxxx_type_C2_ver_x_xx.bin --ucam_type1
./xicamupdate prog FPGA2 xxx_MCxxxxxx_type_F1_ver_x_xx.bin --ucam_type1
./xicamupdate prog XMLMAN xxx_MCxxxxxx_type_X1_ver_x_xx.bin --ucam_type1

Resetting the camera:

After the firmware update the cameras need to be reset in order to load the new firmware:

xiQ,*xiD* and xiC family:

./xicamupdate reset

xiC - power cycling is necessary on Linux.

xiT family:

Power cycling the camera is necessary to reset the camera.

xiB and xiX family:

Power cycling the camera and subsequent restarting of the PC is necessary to reset the camera.

  • Each firmware type has to be programmed separately into the camera.
  • It is possible to program one firmware into multiple cameras using additional parameter --allcameras
  • To get a version of firmware in the camera use command:
    ./xicamupdate info firmware_type_label additional_param