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Command-Line Updater for XIMEA Camera Firmware

XIMEA offers a command line utility to upgrade the firmware of most cameras.
It works with various operating systems: Windows, Linux, MacOS.
This utility also supports firmware downgrade as well as multiple camera update batch processing.
It is useful in cases where xiCOP update is not possible for some reason.


For regular updates, a more user-friendly GUI-based tool is available - xiCOP.
Please use xiCOP for standard updates like a single camera on the Windows operating system.

1. Download and Install the Software

If you can’t use xiCOP – use the Command-Line Updater by following the steps below.
Please download and install the latest Software Package for your operating system.

2. Download the XIMEA Command Line Camera Updater

3. Select and Download Firmware

  • Open the firmware releases page with links to specific firmware (use Firefox or Internet Explorer)
  • Select the firmware that fits your camera by camera model name and firmware type. Please note that in case of some camera models, flashing the wrong firmware will make the camera unresponsive and restoring the functionality will require the camera to be sent to XIMEA service. Therefore if you are not sure about which firmware needs to be used for your camera, please contact XIMEA support.
    The structure of the file name is:
    Example: For camera CB120 FPGA2 version V21.13 - download file CB120CG-CM-F2-21_13
  • Download the firmware and store it in the same directory as unpacked Command Line Camera Updater

This table shows which camera models support which firmware type and their labels in the file name.

Camera family: xiQ (in XIMEA API mode) xiQ (in USB3Vision mode)
Firmware type (label) CPU1 (C1) CPU1 (C1)
Firmware type (label) FPGA1 (F1) FPGA2 (F2)
Firmware type (label) XMLMAN (X1)

Camera family: xiB, xiX, xiT xiD xiC
Firmware type (label) CPU1 (C1) CPU1 (C1)
Firmware type (label) CPU2 (C2) CPU5 (C2)
Firmware type (label) FPGA2 (F2) FPGA1 (F1) FPGA2 (F1)
Firmware type (label) XMLMAN (X1)
Additional parameters --xiapi --ucam_type1

Camera family: xiMU (MU9) xiMU (MU181) xiMU (MU003, MU050, MU051, MU196)
Firmware type (label) CPU1 (C1) CPU1 (C1)
Firmware type (label) FPGA1 (F1)
Additional parameters --ucam_type1 --ucam_type1

4. Start Firmware Update