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XIMEA macOS Software Package


XIMEA macOS Software Package is native DMG installer that can be run on:
  • macOS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and above
  • macOS 10.11 or above is required for xiC (MC) cameras


  • Before installing XIMEA macOS Software Package it may be necessary to modify security settings on your computer. The new feature of OS X 10.8 called GateKeeper can prevent you from using our macOS Software Package due to the fact that it's not from App Store.
    • Open System Preferences application and click on Security & Privacy.
    • Click the lock if it's in locked state to make changes and enter the password.
    • On the General Tab select the option App Store and identified developers under Allow apps downloaded from:
  • Download XIMEA macOS Software Package
  • Mount it by double-clicking this file in Finder.
  • A window with package contents will open.
  • Run the install script to install XiAPI on your macOS system.

Start XIMEA CamTool

  • Connect camera
  • Start Applications / XIMEA CamTool
  • Start acquisition by clicking on orange triangle at upper left corner of CamTool


In order to compile xiSample or streamViewer application you need some prerequisites installed on your macOS:
  • XCODE command line tools (xcode-select --install)
  • MacPorts (only for streamViewer)

Then the following packages should be installed using ports (only for streamViewer):

sudo port install gstreamer010-gst-plugins-good gtk-engines2


xiSample can be compiled using following commands:

cd xiSample


streamViewer can be compiled using following commands:

cd streamViewer