Digital Output


Output levels definition

State Open Collector Switch State R [Ohm] Conditions
On (1) ON - Transistor is conducting max 160 for I output > 5mA
Off (0) OFF - Transistor is not conducting min 100k
Maximum sink current [mA]

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Digital output has an open collector switching transistor with common IO Ground.
See Digital Output Wiring for more details.

Internal schematic

Following scheme is internal scheme of Digital Output signal flow inside the camera.

Output Transfer Characteristic

When Output is in On state - typical transfer characteristic of output is as on following figure:


Typical input delay between FPGA_Output to Digital Output

Ioutput [mA] Typ Delay Off->On [μs] Typ Delay On->Off [μs] Note
2 0.55 184 TAMBIENT=25°C
5 0.55 182 TAMBIENT=25°C
10 0.55 133 TAMBIENT=25°C
25 0.55 113 TAMBIENT=25°C