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Cognex VisionPro Acquisition Settings


When using cameras with higher resolutions or framerates the application memory pool settings have to be changed. Run regedit.exe and look for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cognex\AIK\AdapterXIMEA and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cognex\AIK\AdapterXIMEA_X64 and update the PoolSize value. The recommended value is the size of 4 images (in bytes) at least.


By default VisionPro allocates 16 MB as the acquisition image pool for all frame grabbers of the same type. On some cameras it is needed to increase this AcquisitionPoolSize. It can be changed by editing of file file C:\Windows\VisionPro.ini (e.g. using Notepad). Find the line with AcquisitionPoolSize and change value depending on used camera.

Image queue size

By default, QuickBuild allocates memory for 8 packets of information in the Posted Items queue. To decrease the size of the queue, select Configure->QuickBuild Application Properties from the QuickBuild menu and decrease the value for Posted Item Size.

Garbage collector

The .NET garbage collection interval can be configured by choosing Configure->QuickBuild Application Properties. Reducing the interval might help reduce memory usage after each Job has run, but might not necessarily reduce the overall memory usage for the application. In addition, reducing the interval increases the load on the CPU.