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Cognex VisionPro

VisionPro® has proven in more than 500,000 installations worldwide, Cognex vision software is the industry benchmark for vision performance. The power and versatility of Cognex software solutions extend to all industries for all applications: part location and robot guidance, part identification, inspection and gauging and dimensional measurement. From flexible, easy-to-use interfaces to application-specific turnkey solutions to advanced programming environments.
All XIMEA cameras provide support for Cognex VisonPro software.


Installation consists of two steps:
1) Install Cognex VisionPro 7.2 software with licensing center and drivers.
2) Install the XIMEA camera adapter for VisionPro from the XIMEA API Software Package. The Cognex demo option has to be selected for the adapter to be installed.

Using VisionPro Image Acquisition Interface

The camera adapter is loaded automatically at VisionPro startup, see the XIMEA Cognex Demo Application Manual to adjust camera settings.

Demo application

Demo application with source code can be found in the XIMEA_API_Software_Package. The Cognex demo option from the Vision Libraries section has to be selected for the demo to be installed.

This application demonstrates the use of the Cognex VisionPro barcode reading.
The demo application enables the user to:
  • preview live image from the camera
  • control camera resolution, binning, exposure and gain
  • set camera system ports and use hardware triggering
  • read barcodes


XIMEA Cognex Demo Application Manual
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