Keyetech offers key technologies in computer vision in particular for robotics and automation, in industry as well as in research.
You can either develop your computer vision application with your library of choice and call KPP routines explicitly or you can use the computer vision library Integrating Vision Toolkit for implementation, which automatically integrates the KPP.
This library is not maintained anymore. It is available only on request.



Our sample demonstrates the usage of KPP image processing routines ( thresholding, Gaussian filter, Canny edge detector, etc...) and the xiAPI camera SDK.
Sources are stored at c:\XIMEA\VisionLibrary\Keytech\Example.
You can use Microsoft Visual studio 2008 to open project file keytech_demo.sln.
Modify it and compile it again.
The KPP SDK is in trial mode which means that without a proper license file it will allow only 5000 function calls.