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SANXO Modular-X


SANXO Modular-X is a powerful application builder for computer vision, image analysis, measurements and quality control utilizing the vision library functions of National Instrument LabVIEW.
Its modularity and a wide variety of supported functions provide fast implementation and a user-friendly interface.

The Modular-X package comes with:

1. Creator : this module contains the standard tools like locators, blob, edge, pattern matching, histogram, math, geometric functions, calibration and communication tools, you can use loops (while, for) and case structures to handle more complex applications.
Also, different shaped ROIs (Region of Interest) can be applied.

2. Executor module : run the created sequence with a standard or customized user interface.

Modular-X is an open platform.
In case you would not find the appropriate functions for image analysis then you may create your own module in LabVIEW and add it to Modular-X.


Follow instructions on the Sanxo Modolar-X download page.