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Quick Start Guide

You can download the PDF version of the Guide from HERE

Check Computer

The computer hardware needed for xiB camera should allow to transfer high bandwidth of data over PCIe.
We have tested configuration that supports full bandwidth of xiB camera and would suggest to use this configuration (CamTester87):

  • Motherboard : GIGABYTE MB Sc LGA1150 G1.SniperM5, Intel Z87, 4xDDR3, VGA, mATX
  • Memory : 8GB 1866MHz DDR3
  • Processor : Intel® Core™ i5-4670, 3.4GHz, 6MB, Soc1150, VGA, Box
  • PCIe card: connected to PCIe graphics slot:
    • IOI EPCIE4XRDCA01 V1.2
    • Samtec PCIEA4G2H01

Note: Newer configurations, based on Intel chipsets from the Haswell, Broadwell or Skylake generation are likely to be compatible as well, but have not been tested completely by XIMEA yet.

Please check if your computer configuration is at least as our suggested configuration and also if the accessories you have are suitable for the intentions - the recommended Hardware is HERE

To start working with the xiB camera - follow these simple steps:


  • Insert PCIe Adapter into PC (use PCIe-Graphics slot, which is located nearest to CPU).
  • If you have copper cable: Connect one plug of PCIe cable to PCIe adapter and other to the camera.
  • If you have fiber/optical cable: Connect the plug marked as Host into PCIe adapter. Connect the plug marked as Target into the camera.
    Note: If the PCIe Adapter PEX4-G2-FIB-X2 or PEX4-G3-FIB-X2 is used, you need to enable “Dual Clock Operation” as per the DIP switch configuration written on the board itself.
  • Connect the camera to the power supply.
  • Power on the camera power supply
  • Power on the PC

Check LEDs

  • The Camera should have the following LEDs status:
  • If the LEDs are in different configuration - please check LED status HERE

Install and Run Software