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ISS ITE 2012 show Japan Yokohama XIMEA camera

AproLink at International Technical Exhibition on Image Technology and Equipment


It took a bit longer to sort such amount of feedbacks from ISS and ITE 2012 exhibitions in Yokohama, Japan, but you can find the recapitulation of this spectacular shows here.

Similarly to the cases of previous shows, XIMEA products were exhibited with kind help and support by our partners in Japan - AproLink.
Expo took place in Pacifico Yokohama Hall, and visitors could see more at the Booth 116, from December 5 to 7.

International Technical Exhibition on Image Technology and Equipment 2012 presented the latest state of the art products including xiQ, the smallest USB3 Vision camera and PC-Camera CURRERA-R.
Free seminar on "Features and comparison of each interface and fundamental knowledge of how to select a camera" took place on Dec. 6th and had big success.
Followed by a live demonstration of XIMEA USB3.0 Vision cameras and displays of scientific cameras, including xiRay and others.

Many visitors knew AproLnik and XIMEA already, but as always it was a pleasure to meet and greet new visitors.

Attached pictures show a demonstration of the setup.

Monitor from the right side shows a picture from microscope using MQ013CG-E2.


microscope using MQ013CG-E2 USB3 Vision camera


On the left side is an example of 4 cameras connected to one PC, each camera works with software image process.


AIA also had their booth with MQ013CG-E2. Shown are 3 different cameras connected to USB3 card.


4 USB3 Vision cameras connected to one PC

Used is the PCI host adapter card from this link.

USB3 Vision camera

Link regarding the show:


About Aprolink

AproLink is a Japanese company that specializes in machine vision and security surveillance systems. Was founded in 2006 to provide total solutions to corporate clients in these markets, as well as local sales and application support.


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