News Exhibitions AproLink and XIMEA at Image Sensing Show 2014 in Japan

AproLink exhibits XIMEA cameras ISS 2014 in Japan

AproLink exhibits newest XIMEA products at ISS 2014 in Japan, Booth 84


The Image Sensing Show (ISS 2014) exhibition in Yokohama (Japan) is once again ready to begin and XIMEA products will be showcased by AproLink.

Presented will be new models of xiQ, the smallest USB3 Vision camera, together with most recent lines of high resolution cameras xiB and scientific grade CCD with USB 3.0 called xiD.

Exhibition location: Pacifico Yokohama Hall D
Please visit: Booth 84,

Dates: from June 11th to June 13th, 2014.

Link regarding the show:


AproLink will specifically demonstrate XIMEA models MQ013MG-E2, MQ013CG-E2, MQ003CG-CM, MQ003MG-CM, which will record together in combination with StreamPix6.

An interesting introduction is also the mentioned xiD, xiB and Subminiature cameras xiMU .



About AproLink
AproLink is a Japanese company that specializes in machine vision and security surveillance systems.

The company was founded in 2006 to provide total solutions to corporate clients in these markets, as well as local sales and application support.


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