News Exhibitions 3 in 1: XIMEA will exhibit in big style during May

Control show International trade fair  for quality assurance 2017 XIMEA cameras USB3

Visit XIMEA booths at various shows held in May: CONTROL, Embedded Vision and XPONENTIAL


Presentation from Embedded Vision Summit 2017


Xilinx video:


During two weeks period XIMEA team would be split into three groups to exhibit, nearly simultaneously, at three separate shows and we would be honored by your visit at:


pcie USB3 high speed fast cameras embedded platform USB 3.1 vision


General Information:


What: 31st CONTROL – International trade fair for quality assurance

When: May 9 till 12, 2017 

WhereStuttgart Exhibition Centre, Stuttgart, Germany

Who: Here is an Overview

Booth: Hall 6, Booth 6230 and the Floorplan



How to attend: Just click HERE or contact XIMEA to get tickets

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Why should you visit our booth:

Main highlights will be the extra fast PCI Express cameras with 64 Gbits transfer speed, newest USB 3.1 Gen1 models with high resolution Sony CMOS sensors, recently added Scientific grade TE Cooled USB3 cameras and Embedded system with aggregated stream from multiple cameras.



pcie high speed fast cameras embedded vision platform VR AR


General Information:


What: Embedded Vision Summit 2017

When: May 1 till 3, 2017 

WhereSanta Clara Convention Center, CA, USA

Who: Here is an Overview

Booth: Exhibit space 606 and a Presentation

How to attend: Just click HERE or contact XIMEA


Why should you visit:

Top item of interest would be the XIMEA presentation about high bandwidth interface for multi-camera Embedded Systems together with a booth showcase of various products suitable for such platforms - like USB3 or PCI Express based cameras coupled with mini processing units.



small hyperspectral high speed fast cameras payload drone UAV

General Information:



When: May 8 till 11, 2017 

WhereKay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas, USA

Who: Here is an Overview

Booth: Booth 2959 and the Floorplan

How to attend: Just click HERE or contact XIMEA


Why should you visit our booth:

Important to notice will definitely be the Hyperspectral cameras running in a small integrated system, as well as other miniature cameras that are exceptionally matching for unmanned solutions like UAV (drones), underwater vehicles, self-driving cars or robots in general.


High-speed PCIe cameras

PCI Express cameras XIMEA vision logoNewest models from the well known high-speed product line called xiB.
Compact (60 x 60 x 38 mm) camera family utilizing, besides others, the most recent high resolution CMV50000 sensors from ams CMOSIS.
Able to provide 50 Mpix at the speed of 30 fps across distances up to 300m without frame grabbers. Additional outstanding features include Integrated Canon EF-mount interface with remote dynamic aperture and focus control, Windows and Linux support.
PCIe x4 Gen2 interface  with up to 20 GBit / sec and a direct access to and from the computer's memory (DMA image data transfer) as well as Power/GPIO connectors.




pcie high speed fast cameras cmosis cmv12000 cmv20000 cmv50000

USB3 Vision cameras

USB3 Vision cameras XIMEA vision logo

xiC - family presents compact USB 3.1 Gen1 camera models, all with newest Sony CMOS Pregius™ sensors.

This USB3 Vision compliant line offers resolutions from 1 to 12 Mpix and all models with IMX174, IMX252, IMX250, IMX255 or IMX253 are available now. Versions with IMX249, IMX265, IMX264, IMX267 and IMX304 could be offered under certain conditions.

Camera technology and design allow fastest data delivery, lowest power consumption with minimal heat dissipation and easy ways of OEM customization of already small and lightweight camera form.





usb 3.0 Sony CMOS pregius USB 3.1 camera mini fast USB3

PCI Express Gen 3 with 64 Gbit/s

PCI Express cameras XIMEA vision logo

xiB-64 - family is a special series of high speed PCIe interface cameras which are equipped with extraordinary fast sensors from Luxima.

Using these sensors with the pixel size of 13.7 µm various camera models can achieve speeds of 3500+ at 1.1 Mpix or 2500+ at 2 Mpix.

Such transfer speed is ensured by the PCIe Gen3 bandwidth that provides an astonishing 64 Gbit/s or 12+ times the speed of USB3.

Contrary to Camera Link or CoaXPress interfaces, these PCI Express cameras do not need any bulky or pricey Frame Grabbers. 





pcie high speed fast cameras cmosis cmv12000 64 Gbits

Special OEM cameras

Genicam GenTL cameras XIMEA vision logoThis is an ideal solution for a wide variety of customers with multi-camera need and space-constrained applications.

From tightly integrated production and quality assurance equipment to Virtual or Augmented reality (VR and AR) setups, through 360 panorama systems and various Unmanned vehicle solutions to a myriad of Embedded vision applications.

Board-level and housed cameras with 10 Gbits speed connection use the highest-quality CMOS sensors that provide 2 Mpix to 50 Mpix images.

Possibilities for OEM customization and aggregation are also available for specific projects.





fast pcie high speed cameras USB3 embedded vision USB 3.1 board


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