News Exhibitions Remotely Operated Walking Excavator: XIMEA cameras inside. Bauma 2019

Bauma show 2019 Germany Munich XIMEA cameras NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Excavator

Visit Bauma show to witness the collaboration of ETH Zürich, Menzi Muck, MRTech and XIMEA



Menzi Muck AG, the walking excavator manufacturer, in collaboration with ETH Zürich, is going to demonstrate a remotely operated (over 4G/5G networks) excavator at Bauma Trade Fair in Münich.



The showcase consists of Menzi Muck simulator set for training of operators (utilizing VR goggles) which is connected to a remotely controlled walking excavator - located in different city.

The excavator is integrated with Multi-camera vision system based on industrial cameras from XIMEA which are using low-latency image processing solution provided from MRTech and running on NVIDIA Jetson TX2 platform.


XIMEA would like to invite you to participate in the demo that will be taking place at the Menzi Muck stand at Bauma 2019, the World's Leading Trade Fair for construction machinery, mining machines, construction vehicles and equipment:



General Information:


What: Bauma

When: April 8 till 14, 2019

Where: Messegelände 81823, Munich, Germany

Webcams: webcam 1, webcam 2

Placement: outdoors in the Open-air Area North on stand FN.824/1

Demo Time slots: 11:00, 12:30, 14:00, 15:30, 17:00 


menzi muck walking excavator ximea cameras remotely controlled simulator VR



Imaging Hardware:


Imaging Software:

  • Provides up to 60 fps of synchronized image acquisition from each of the two XIMEA cameras
  • Real time processing from Fastvideo is offering H.264/H.265 encoding and streaming (plus black level, white balance, demosaicing, auto exposure etc.)
  • Glass-to-glass latency over 4G/5G networks: ~50 ms
Menzi Muck AG:
ETH Zürich, Mechanical and Process Engineering Dep.: 
MRTech SK s.r.o.:
Fastvideo LLC:
NVIDIA link:


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