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XIMEA cameras at Vision Show Stuttgart 2021 exhibition

XIMEA presented exciting new technologies and products at VISION 2021 in Stuttgart


A look back at Vision 2021

The whole XIMEA team would like to sincerely thank all the visitors that despite tough conditions and uncertainty stopped by our booth!


After three years finally, the VISION, the world´s leading exhibition of machine vision field took place in Stuttgart.

XIMEA was happy to be a part of it and finally meet all members of the vision family in person again. 


In addition to the well-known wide range camera series, new technologies were presented at our booth.
Like the high-speed models based on Sony’s Pregius S sensors, advanced X-ray cameras, and high-resolution cameras utilizing larger format sensors, plus our special guest: Spot
X-ray cameras over the years have become an important tool for applications such as Micro CT, Non-Destructive Testing, and Industrial CT scanning.
Ideal for these types of applications is the latest 37 Mpix direct X-Ray camera with sCMOS sensor from Gpixel - GSENSE6060.

xiRAY family

Compact X-RAY cooled cameras ideal for micro CT scan

Compact X-RAY camera for micro CT tomography high resolution cooled

Besides the opportunity to explore the camera in person, the visitors were able to learn about x-ray imaging during the Industrial Vision days, from the presentation of our colleague Denis Lehmann.
The audience received an interesting overview and a detailed insight about the camera parts like - sensors, Scintillator options, fiber optic plate versions, etc.

At the booth, visitors could examine the most recent models from xiC and xiX camera series, equipped with Sony Pregius S sensors.
The high-speed, high dynamic range, high sensitivity and extremely low noise were the factors that made these cameras a highlight of this year’s Vision.

xiC family

Description: USB 3.1 Gen1 industrial cameras with Sony CMOS Pregius™

xic brochure sony cmos pregius cameras USB3 fast small

xiX family

Description: Embedded vision camera range for use in Multi camera setup

Embedded vision systems Multiple camera setup fastest compact

XIMEA's innovative approach to camera assembly is another one of the aspects that makes the new models stand out.
Usually, the camera size is derived from the surface of the largest embedded printed circuit board - PCB with the sensor attached.
XIMEA has developed a solution that allows to detach the sensor head from the main camera body interconnecting them with a flat ribbon cable.
This permits to reduce the camera size, lower the heat, stack more cameras on smaller footprint or even interchange the sensors used.
cobra_infographics high speed sony pregius s cameras detached head.jpg
Other newcomers to the xiX series are the high resolution models with large format BSI sensors from Sony like - IMX455, IMX461 and IMX411.
These cover the resolution range from 61 to 151 Mpix and are a great fit for Aerial mapping and Astronomy applications amongst others.
sony rolling shutter high resolution cameras imx411 imx461 imx455 bsi backside illuminated cooled
With the continued addition of more global shutter Pregius sensors, now spanning across 4 generations, users have a wide selection of options to choose from.
Much of the difference between generations is attributed to pixel size and overall pixel technology.
For each generation, the pixel size is different; 1st generation is 5.86 µm; 2nd generation is 3.45 µm; 3rd generation is 4.5 µm, and 4th generation is 2.74µm.
The newly integrated Pregius S line offers back-illuminated structure decreasing the sensor size while increasing the sensor sensitivity - Quantum efficiency.
quantum efficiency sony cmos pregius s 4 generation sensors bsi
A special guest who joined us at the Vision show booth and during X-ray presentation was Spot from Boston Dynamics.
The famous four legged robot was equipped with COMMON OBJECTS’ platform UltraView that controlled robot's actions.
vision 2021 boston dynamics spot robot common objects platform ultraview ximea cameras
The XIMEA cameras, used by COMMON OBJECTS, leverage Ultra-HD Vision anywhere needed, even remotely with UltraView.
The 4k 360-degree visibility makes sure to monitor anything from anywhere and allows Spot to move in throughout the area automatically.
The issue of Global component shortage was a big topic at the VISION 2021 and could continue through the VISION 2022. 
XIMEA´s team is continuously building the overview of a potential forecast for the near present and future needs to come up with ways to improve the lead times.
The mutual exchange at Vision will allow us to tailor the next developments even closer to customers’ requirements.
Thanks for visiting us and see you next year!
Below is the assembly of our existing product lines that were expanded and here is a short video from the show


xiJ family

Description: Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) and CCD Peltier TE Cooled cameras

Scientific grade sCMOS sensors cooled Gpixel Backside illuminated

xiMU family

Description: Super small USB 2.0 and USB3 industrial cameras with 5 Mpix and 18 Mpix

Smallest 5 Mpix USB industrial cameras 18 Mpix high resolution

xiSpec family

Description: Smallest Hyperspectral (HSI) cameras based on USB3

Smallest hyperspectral mini USB3 cameras light low power consumption

xiB-64 family

Description: Fast speed cameras with PCIe interface transferring 64 Gbit/s

Fastest interface PCIe Gen3 fast high speed cameras compact

MX377 model

Description: Large sensor sCMOS cameras with Backside illumination and Cooling

large scmos sensor gpixel gsense6060 fsi bsi camera brochure

xiB family

Description: High resolution cameras with PCIe interface and 20 Gbit/s bandwidth

high resolution fast transfer cameras industrial 360 panorama

xiQ family

Description: Mini USB3 Vision cameras with CMOS Global shutter

xiQ brochure CMOS USB3 cameras global shutter small fast

xiFLY platform

Description: Accessories for Multiple camera setups and Embedded vision systems

platform Embedded vision accessories cameras Multi camera compact


Manuals and further information


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