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Scientific grade Cooled cameras with sCMOS sensor including Back illuminated models



Muenster, Germany, March 31st, 2020 – XIMEA presented new sCMOS camera models from high grade scientific line of cameras with Backside illumination and various cooling options.
To meet the growing challenges of science community of clients and bring exciting technologies XIMEA has been working on a special set of high quality camera models called MX377.
The MX377 scientific cameras are based on the latest sCMOS sensors from Gpixel which are designed with large 10 μm pixels and 61 x 61 mm imaging area format making them ideal for the most demanding Astronomical and Life science applications. 
The Scientific CMOS sensor GSENSE6060 and its pin-compatible back-thinned version GSENSE6060BSI, offer 37.7 Mpix resolution and come in various quality Grades (up to Grade 0) to meet the highest requirements.
Using Backside illuminated version allows to reach exceptionally high Quantum efficiency of 95% besides the naturally low noise and HDR of 90 dB or large Full well capacity of 110 Ke- in CMS mode.
This innovative technology is packed in a compact aluminum housing to provide the best cooling environment and is equipped with PCIe interface that extracts the maximum performance from the sensor speed capabilities.
To compliment and preserve the remarkable output of the camera it can be integrated either with Thermoelectric Peltier or Water Cooling. This helps with long exposure times among other aspects.

Applications examples include:


Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Fluorescence recovery after photobleaching Fluorescence in situ hybridization Total internal reflection fluorescence Photoactivated localization microscopy Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy Single Plane Illumination Microscopy Optical coherence tomography Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering Bose-Einstein condensates Near Earth Object detection


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