Products Cameras filtered by resolution and sensors Large sCMOS sensor Gpixel GSENSE6060BSI camera

Large sCMOS sensor Gpixel GSENSE6060BSI camera

Large sCMOS sensor Gpixel GSENSE6060BSI camera
  • 37.7 Mpix
  • Available with Multiple sensor Grades of Gpixel GSENSE6060 BSI
  • Large sensor and large pixel camera ideal for Astronomy
  • Backside illuminated sensors
  • Dynamic range 90 dB in HDR mode
  • Enormous Full well capacity 110ke-
  • Quantum efficiency - up to 95%
  • Low dark current and readout noise
  • Fiber optic bonding to the sensor with scintillator possible
  • Thermoelectric Peltier module with additional water or air cooling
  • Able to reach 46 Fps at 12 Bits


Specifications are preliminary and subject to change


The MX377 camera model was primarily designed for Astronomy applications.

However, the extraordinary performance of this camera makes it a perfect fit for other fields of Material and Life Science like High energy physics, Medical, Biological, TEM and others. 

XIMEA is working with multiple companies on applications for astronomical and Space Situational Awareness (SSA). 

US partners: DFM Engineering



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Part Number MX377MR-GP-B
Resolution 37.7 MP 6144 x 6144 pixels
Frame rates 46 FPS (12 bit STD)
Sensor type Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) Backside illuminated
Sensor model Gpixel GSENSE6060BSI
Sensor size Medium format
Sensor active area 61.4 x 61.4 (diagonal 86.8 mm)
Readout Method Rolling shutter
Pixel size 10 μm
ADC -Bits per pixel 12, 14 Bit
Data interface PCIe X4 Gen3, 32Gb/s through MTP-connector
Dynamic range 90 dB (in HDR mode)
Full Well Capacity 110 000 e-
Readout noise typ. 3 e-
Power consumption 15 Watt (up to 60W, depending on the sensor cooling)
Lens mount M95
Weight 300 gram
Dimensions WxHxD 110 x 98 x 63 mm
Cooling Up to -25°C (with Water cooling)
Customs tariff code 8525.80 30 (EU) / 8525.80 40 (USA)
Last Updated: 19 September 2020, 05:00

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