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XIMEA introduces new cameras with IMX568, IMX675 and other sensors into the popular xiMU



Muenster, Germany, November 2023 – XIMEA, the innovator of the smallest high-speed cameras, is expanding its camera family with the tiny format of 15x15 mm.


The xiMU camera series is engineered for the smallest possible volume and weight, made with an advanced high-density manufacturing and assembly process.
The new models for the xiMU camera line are equipped with Sony's Presgius sensors as well as the freshest sensors from onsemi.
The initial lineup includes camera models with IMX568 and IMX675 from Sony's 3rd Generation PregiusTM family and AR2020 from onsemi.
Outstanding properties of the Sony and onsemi CMOS sensors are presented in the resolution range starting from 5 MPix and going up to almost 20 MPix.
The sensors vary in achieving high values for different parameters, each selected for being remarkable in a specific field and suitable for particular applications.
All sensors are relatively small to fit inside the miniature cameras with pixel sizes reaching as low as 1.4 μm, which is unique and ideal for certain use cases.
One of the models is MU050, the successor of the very popular MU9 camera, it comes equipped with a 5 MPix Sony IMX675 Starvis 2 sensor.
The second addition is MU051 which offers a 5.1 MPix Global shutter Sony IMX568 sensor with Backside illumination (BSI) that allows exceptional NIR sensitivity.
Last but not least is the MU196 model which is replacing the discontinued MU181 improving on all its qualities with 19.6 MPix onsemi AR2020 and 14 Fps.
More sensors are considered to offer variety in resolutions, speed and special features based on the capabilities of the newest CMOS technology.
The main idea behind these models is to provide more options for the xiMU family of smallest industrial/scientific cameras with a form factor of 15x15mm.
Moreover, the design of new CMOS sensors easily outperforms the well-known, but dated MT9P031 and AR1820HS chips in every aspect.
All of the latest models come with a USB3 interface (Type-C, flex or micro coax cables) to support the full potential of sensor bandwidth and ensure simplicity of use. 
All this together with the 5 gram weight and power consumption of around 1 Watts makes them also ideal for a plethora of embedded and mobile setups like UAVs.
To summarize, the camera models joining the XIMEA portfolio have the following parameters:

5 Mpix, Sony IMX675, color and monochrome, 2592 x 1960, 1/2.8"  with 30 Fps

5.1 Mpix, Sony IMX568, color and monochrome, BSI, Global shutter with 50 Fps

19.6 Mpix, onsemi AR2020, color and monochrome, 5112 x 3840, 1.4 µm with 14 Fps


High resolution, unbeatable form factor, attractive price, compatibility and customizability make these cameras stand out and worth checking out. 


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*Pregius is a trademark of Sony Corporation



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