Products Embedded vision and multi-camera setup - xiX Adapters, Cables and Accessories

Adapters, Cables and Accessories

  • For interconnections with miscellaneous systems
  • Mini PCIe, M.2, PCIe x4, x8, iPass, USB connections
  • Flat flex ribbon cables or iPass cables
  • Adapter boards, Host adapters, Switches, GPIO
  • Supports different combinations of interfaces and camera models
  • Ideal for Multi camera system setups like 360 panorama
  • Suitable for Embedded vision integration
  • Distances of output cable up to 100m


Specifications are preliminary and subject to change


Buy PCI Express camera


embedded vision camera adapters with flat ribbon cables

 PCIe / MX adapters datasheet

pcie usb3 flat ribbon cables for embedded vision cameras guide

   Flat ribbon cables datasheet



Adapter page

Overview of current adapter options and + 3D STEP files

2 Host Adapters

You can choose from PCIe Gen2 and Gen3 speed - copper type or fiber type of connection

iPass cables

You can choose from PCIe Gen2 and Gen3 speed - copper type or fiber type of connection
4 Jetson carrier NVIDIA Jetson TX1 or TX2 carriers. The AGX Xavier and Nano support is developed. 
Switches page Allow to multiplex several cameras (various models) into a customizable setup

PCIe iPass cameras

xiB line - Standard camera models for high resolution and fast speed applications
PCIe flex line cameras xiX line - Special connection suitable for Embedded vision systems
8 USB3 flex line cameras xiC and xiQ line have options with flex cable connections
Flex line cables Flat ribbon cables from 10 to 50 cm
10 Firefly cables Special cables connection option, please Contact Sales to find out more

 Examples of connections

Diagram of connections How the different slots (Mini PCIe, M.2, PCIe x4, x8, iPass etc.) look like and connect
Note: All of the setup options below additionally require a Power supply and Power cable.  Helps with triggering and synchronization



How to connect xiX camera to PC: 7 + 9 + 1 + 3 + 2


pcie camera adapter host cable interconnection



How to connect xiB camera to PC: 6 + 3 + 2



     pcie camera adapter host cable pc



How to connect xiX camera to xSWITCH: 7 + 9 + 5



          pcie camera adapter flex cable multi switch



How to connect xiX camera to NVIDIA Jetson carrier: 7 + 9 + 4



     carrier board for nvidia jetson tx2 module with high speed camera.jpg



How to connect xiX camera to flex cable: 7 or 8 + 9

flex ribbon cable camera fl flex ribbon cable camera fv

flex ribbon cable camera fl x4g2

flex ribbon cable camera fv x4g2


Firefly PCIe cables

How to connect FIREFLY camera model versions to PC computer





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