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Products Hyperspectral cameras based on USB3 - xiSpec

Hyperspectral cameras based on USB3 - xiSpec

  • World's smallest Hyperspectral camera
  • 4 sensors - Linescan and Snapshot Mosaic
  • Various Wavelengths and channels count options
  • Size and weight: 26 x 26 x 31 mm, 31 grams
  • Applications: Medical Imaging, Microscopy and Endoscopy, Precision Agriculture, Remote Sensing, Mineralogy, Environmental Monitoring, Life science instrumentation, Optical sorting, Food inspection, UAV and many others

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Airborne Hyperspectral imaging HSI payload smallest light weight USB3

Airborne Payload Concept


hsi hyperspectral imaging camera smallest usb3 vision

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Nanoelectronics research center imec and XIMEA, partnered thru integrating imec’s Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) sensors with XIMEA’s xiQ USB3.0 camera line.


By applying narrow-band spectral filters at pixel-level using semiconductor thin-film processing, imec’s technology enables hyperspectral image sensor solutions with extreme compactness, low weight, high reliability and proven capabilities to be mass produced at low cost and in volume. Ideal for Embedded vision systems.

XIMEA coupled imec’s hyperspectral sensors with its xiQ camera platform which features exceptional form factor that is unique in hyperspectral imaging: xiQ cameras offer 26.4 x 26.4 x 31 mm in dimension and mere 31 grams in weight. With such size XIMEA can proudly claim the title of world’s smallest hyperspectral camera.

Beside high-speed USB3.0 interface also provides power over USB thus removing the need for expensive and bulky frame-grabbers or separate power cables. 

NOTE: Please check the current availability of the models, accessories, Starter Kits and Software with our Sales team. The Airborne Payload is under development. 

  • Spectral range 600-975 [nm]
  • 2/3" CMOS, Hyperspectral Linescan sensor
  • Scans: up to 1360 lines/s
  • 100+ Bands

  • Spectral range 470-900 [nm]
  • 2/3" CMOS, Hyperspectral Linescan sensor
  • Scans: up to 1020 lines/s
  • 150+ Bands

  • Spectral range 470-630 [nm]
  • 2/3" CMOS, Hyperspectral Snapshot sensor
  • Scans: up to 170 cubes/s
  • 16 Bands

  • Spectral range 600-950/975 [nm]
  • 2/3" CMOS, Hyperspectral Snapshot sensor
  • Scans: up to 170 cubes/s
  • 25 Bands

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