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Unattended Installation XIMEA API Installer

Since version V2_55 - it is possible to start the installation of XIMEA API Software Package from command line with selected packages only.


XIMEA_API_Installer.exe /S /<package_name>=<status>

Where package_name can be one of following:

package_name Description
SecDrivers Drivers
SecXiApi xiAPI
SecGenTL GenTL Producer
SecPython xiApiPython
SecxiCamTool CamTool application
SecxiCamToolExamples CamTool Examples
SecxiCOP xiCOP
SecXiLib NI Labview interface - xiLib
SecExamples Examples
SecxiXiapiDNG xiapi to DNG conversion library
Where status can be one of following:
status action
ON Package will be installed
OFF Package will NOT be installed


This command will disable installation of xiAPI.NET and enable installation of drivers. Other packages are installed depending on default settings (these settings can be viewed in when started without parameters).

START /WAIT "" XIMEA_Installer.exe /S /SecXiApiNET=OFF /SecDrivers=ON

Hint: To preview the packages to be installed start the command without /S

XIMEA_Installer.exe /SecXiApiNET=OFF