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XIMEA Windows Software Package

XIMEA Windows Software Package is an installer, that can run on:

Microsoft Windows 11,
Microsoft Windows 10,
Microsoft Windows 7,
Microsoft Windows 2008 R2.

Package contains

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Installation Guidelines

  • 3) Click right mouse button on the downloaded file and use "Run as administrator"

  • 4) Read the License Agreement and Accept it.

  • 5) Select the Software components you want to install. You can uncheck the components you don't want to install, but it is recommended to leave them all checked.

  • 6) Specify the install location - you can leave the default location or change it to your desired location.

  • 7) Now the XIMEA Windows Software Package should start copying files, updating System Variables and installing drivers if necessary.

  • 8) Installation is completed.

  • 9) Changes to System Environment Variables may require a system reboot. If you want to reboot immediately select 'Reboot Now' option, otherwise select 'I want to manually reboot later'.

    Note: Legacy software packages can be found here

Beta versions

The latest changes are released as Beta Version.
It is also possible to download directly using this Short link

Linux version

We also have similar Linux Software Package


Unattended Installation

It is possible to install the package with Unattended Installation XIMEA API Installer

Borland C++ builder

The xiapi .lib file requires conversion from Visual C++ to C++Builder. Conversion can be done by using IMPLIB - a tool which generates a C++ Builder compatible xiapi .lib from xiapi .dll to Borland C++. Usage: IMPLIB -a xiapi32.lib xiapi32.dll.

Unpacking installation source files

It is possible to Unpack XIMEA API Software Package installation files into the current directory to make own installer based on these files.


For Your reference - legacy versions of the Software Packages are stored here .

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