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High Performance Hardware

In order to achieve the maximum performance of XIMEA USB3 Vision cameras like xiC and xiQ, it is important to use selected hardware components.
The list below is updated regularly and represents our best knowledge on high performance components.


To achieve maximum frame-rate at maximum resolution - each camera must be connected to dedicated USB3 controller, where no other devices or cameras are connected.

Tested hardware

Following tables list tested hardware components using which you will be able to get maximum performance from USB3 cameras connected.


Intel i5-3770
Intel i7-3770




Vendor P/N Details
Gigabyte GA-Z77M-D3H Socket 1155, Intel Z77, 4xDDR3, Onboard 3xUSB 3.0, GbEth, mATX

USB 3.0 host adapters chipsets

Following table lists the maximum data transfer speeds achieved using the selected controller on Windows 7 x64 with CPU Intel i7-3770.

USB3 Controller Driver version Data MB/s Port
Fresco Logic FL1009 395 PCIe-Graphics *1)
Fresco Logic FL1100 400 PCIe-Graphics *1)
Intel QM77 450 Chipset connected to CPU
Intel Z77 450 Chipset connected to CPU
Note * 1): PCI Express (PCIe) bus speed requirement: To achieve maximum performance of USB3 cameras - USB 3.0 host adapter must be connected to PCIe
  • link speed must be 5Gb/s
  • must be one of PCI Express Graphics Port. In most mainboards - such port is dedicated for PCIe graphics card. It is located nearest to CPU. Some main-boards have 2 or more of such special PCIe ports with lowered latency.


Following table lists the cables which were used while testing of maximum transfer speed.

Vendor Part number Length Screw locking
XIMEA CBL-U3-3M0 3m MicroB only
XIMEA CBL-U3-3M0X 3m MicroB and A


Minimum transfer speed

Following table lists the minimum data transfer speed needed to achieve maximum camera performance (maximum number of frames per seconds at full resolution).

Camera Model FPS at full res Data MB/s
MQ013MG-E2 60 90
MQ042MG-CM 90 400

Maximum frame rate (FPS)

Following table lists the maximum frame rate - Frames Per Second (FPS) that can be achieved with active region of interest (ROI), free run mode (no trigger), RAW8 data format, exposure time 200us.
Tested with: Intel i7-3770, 4GB DDR3, GA-Z77M-D3H, Windows 7 x64, API_INST_V3_19_16. Measured with application (streamtest) with no data processing.

Camera Model USB3 Controller FPS ROI
MQ013MG-E2 Intel Z77 2100 1280x12
MQ013MG-E2 FL1009 860 1280x56
MQ042MG-CM Intel Z77 970 2048x180
MQ042MG-CM FL1009 500 2048x300

In order to get all captured frames in such extreme conditions - buffering setup in application should be optimized.
To implement it please read our article about optimization of buffering for high frame rates.


xiAPI uses Auto Bandwidth Calculation (ABC) before opening of each camera as default.
After measurement the 90% of measured value is used as maximum allowed transfer speed of camera to ensure stability of transfer.

It is important to set this parameter to XI_OFF to ensure highest possible data transfer speed.

To disable ABC application you should set parameter XI_PRM_AUTO_BANDWIDTH_CALCULATION to XI_OFF before first use of xiOpenDevice.
This setting disables ABC and camera stream is not limited.