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Stop by the XIMEA booths at venues held throughout USA in April: NAB show, XPONENTIAL



After recent shows in Russia and China, XIMEA team would be busy again during April until May period presenting the newest advances in vision.

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General Information:


What: NAB Show

When: April 6 till 11, 2019

Where: Las Vegas Convention Center, USA

Who: Here is an Overview

Booth: Central Hall, Booth C11831

How to attend: Just click HERE


pcie USB3 high speed fast cameras embedded platform USB 3.1 vision sport

Why should you visit:

This is the place for people passionate about stories - whatever the platform, whatever the screen, whatever the purpose. NAB Show is the only event that provides the answers to the burning questions and insights that enhance the careers and lives of the professionals who attend. The ultimate event for the media, entertainment and technology industry, where XIMEA will focus on showcasing the high speed (up to 3500 Fps) and high resolution (up to 65 Mpix) camera models.




General Information:



When: April 30 till May 2, 2019 

Where: McCormick Palace, Chicago (IL) USA

Who: Here is an Overview

Booth: Booth 2625

How to attend: Just click HERE


small hyperspectral multiple cameras payload drone UAV ROV autonomous vehicle

Why should you visit our booth:

It is the one event that brings together 8,500 technologists, regulators and users across commercial and defense sectors to learn how other industries are using unmanned systems to expand business capabilities, increase efficiency, and make a difference. If you’re looking to harness the power of unmanned technology, XIMEA showcase will be concentrated on the new 18 Mpix miniature USB3 cameras and additions to our Hyperspectral models portfolio.

High-speed cameras

PCI Express cameras XIMEA vision logoThe xiB-64 cameras stream images to the host computer via 8 lanes on a PCI express Gen3 bus, boasting a 64 Gbit/s sustainable bandwidth transfer rate.
This ensures minimum latency and CPU load.
The camera series shines where highest data rates are required, either for simultaneous speed, bit depth and resolution or for extremely high frame rates.
It is the only camera architecture available capable of exploiting the newest high bandwidth CMOS sensors and streaming via DMA to computer or GPU memory.

High speed fast cameras global shutter industrial

Embedded system cameras

Genicam GenTL cameras XIMEA vision logo

The xiX cameras stream images to the host computer via 2 or 4 lanes on a PCI Express Gen2 bus.

Together with minimal latencies and CPU load, the cameras are a perfect fit for embedded vision and multi-camera applications.

Thanks to flat flex cabling, the board-level and semi-housed variants allow integration in tight spaces and close proximity between cameras.

And ask us about the FireFly versions …


embedded vision systems multi camera setup 360 AR VR

High-resolution cameras

PCI Express cameras XIMEA vision logoNewest xiB models from the line of compact (60 x 60 x 38 mm) cameras utilizing the most recent high resolution CMV50000 sensors from ams CMOSIS. Able to provide around 50 Mpix at the speed of 30 fps without the use of frame grabbers. Additional outstanding features include Integrated Canon EF-mount interface with remote dynamic aperture and focus control.
PCIe x4 Gen2 interface offers fast bandwidth and non-existent latency due to direct access to and from the computer's memory.


high resolution pci express camera cmosis cmv12000 cmv20000 cmv50000

Hyperspectral mini cameras

USB3 Vision cameras XIMEA vision logo

The xiSpec cameras are ultra-compact and light with low power consumption to be the ideal fit for UAV and other ROV type of drones. 

They feature CMOS sensors that are using Fabry Perot technology of miniature spectral filters applied on the surface of the sensor to acquire the necessary datacubes for HSI (Hyperspectral Imaging) along the 400-1000nm wavelength. 

In combination with USB3 interface and small form factor camera platform from XIMEA, this allows the compact component for mobile systems.

At the moment there are 4 models with two types of Linescan and Snapshot readout - more are being prepared in the near future, including the VIS+NIR options.


hyperspectral hsi mini camera small usb3



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