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For information about Hyperspectral imaging used with UAV visit XIMEA booth 21 January 2016



The China Commercial UAV Summit ' 16  in Shanghai, China is coming soon and here are details you may need. 

XIMEA products and especially smallest Hyperspectral cameras will be showcased in cooperation with NBL.


Event location: Jin Jiang Tower Hotel  (5 Star Property)
Address: 161 Changle Road, Shanghai, China 200020

When: during 21st of January 2016

Time: 7:45 AM (Breakfast Meeting) to 5:30 PM (Cocktail reception)

Organizers Official site:





With different sensors and wavelength/bands options, the HSI miniature camera from XIMEA is ideal for use with UAV in Precision Agriculture, Environmental monitoring, Remote sensing, Terrestrial/maritime earth observation and many more.

Other UAV suitable camera lines may include various USB3 Vision xiQ models due to the weight and low power consumption.

Visitors can also be interested in new CCD and USB 3.0 models with high resolution, high quality.

Operators of Drones who are capable to host complex cameras might check fast speed (20 Gbit/sec) PCI Express cameras and Thunderbolt enabled cameras.


About NBL
Guangzhou Star Brocade Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional spectral imaging equipment research and development, production and sales company.

Over the years, the company has been tracking cutting-edge spectral imaging technology and equipment manufacturers to establish a close working relationship.

Main products include: Ground/Airborn hyperspectral imager, field spectrometer, LCD adjustable LCTF spectral imager, Multispectral Filter-Wheel Cameras.

Currently, the main application areas include: Criminalistics, remote sensing, food safety, precision agriculture, life and material sciences.


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